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Mathematics, Computer Science & Physics

Schumaker Prize

12/09/2016 4:49 pm


Schumaker Prize

994 – Dean Meyer
1995 – Alexander Kain
1996 – Timothy T. Konrad
1997 – Wayne Fetter
1998 – Brian Harty
1999 – Lisa Wise
2000 – Jo-Ann Valdivia
2001 – Melissa Kussner
2002 – Svetlana Petkova
2003 – Heather Holzwarth
2004 – Ellie Etminan
2005 – Lauren Poppen
2006 – Joseph R. Haney
2007 – Alen Vrebac
2008 – Amy M Rich 2009 – Mohit Singh

Barrick Research Award

12/09/2016 4:47 pm


Barrick Research Award Winners

1998 – Lisa Wise, Brian Schofield
1999 – Kari Ebens, Jo-Ann Valdivia
2000 – Melissa Kussner, Elizabeth Sweet
2001 – Svetlana Petkova, Shannon Widlowski
2002 – David Grover, Heather Holzwarth
2003 – Joshua Glovinsky
2004 – Nathan Sweeney
2005 – Erin Moller
2006 – Amy M. Rich
2007 – Amy M. Rich, Angela M. Snow
2008 – Megan E Hofstetter

Conklin Award

12/09/2016 4:44 pm


Conklin Award

1995 – Christopher Aylward
1996 – James B. Dole, Wayne Fetter
1997 – Bradley Barrie, Lisa Wise
1998 – David Bogner, Aimee Stivers
1999 – David Bogner
2000 – Melissa Kussner
2001 – Jackie Guy, Svetlana Petkova
2002 – Adam Peck, Carie Swanson
2003 – Jerome Foss
2004 – Erin Moller
2005 – Joseph Haney
2006 – Alen Vrebac
2007 – Aaron M K Insko
2008 – Audra L Carlson
2009 – Audra L Carlson

Calculus Achievement Award

12/09/2016 4:41 pm


Calculus Achievement Award Winners

1962 – Dennis J. Palmini
1963 – Carol J. Daley
1964 – Charles Silver
1965 – Carolyn J. Mattila
1966 – Michael L. Landes
1967 – James Curtis
1968 – Johannes Veldhuis
1969 – Kathleen Majcan
1970 – Patrick Shanahan
1971 – Kathleen Mokate
1972 – A. Scott Forsburg
1973 – William R. Paulson, Charles E. Ritzke
1974 – Diane J. Bundens
1975 – Jeffrey Klotz, John Morrissey
1976 – Herbert E. Borbe, Jr.
1977 – J. Scott Hudnall, Cynthia Kleindienst
1978 – Deborah J. Fredricks, Mark S. Zumhagen
1979 – James Harker, Donna Kmen
1980 – Patricia Novak
1981 – Susan Martin, Donna Mueller
1982 – Ellen Evans, Jayne Mariani
1983 – Brian R. Bowley, Wayne A. Martin
1984 – Randall A. Cook
1985 – Timothy A. Anderson, Dawn M. DeSousa
1986 – Andreas Lauer
1987 – Linda M. Abrahams, Tracey A. Kelleher
1988 – Nancy C. Casten, Tracey R. Winters
1989 – James K. Konrad, Karen I. Miraglia
1990 – Jon A. Johnson, David C. Wilson
1991 – Steven W. Siekerski
1992 – Carolyn S. Schauer, Eric Seger
1993 – Karen Hoover, Daniel C. Konrad
1994 – Tim Konrad
1995 – Jeffery Damon
1996 – Bradley Barrie
1997 – Jakob Krummenacher
1998 – Marcia Clinton
1999 – Tracie Knobeloch
2000 – Angela Valaisis
2001 – Heather Holzwarth
2002 – Jody Beilke
2003 – Zachary Cook
2004 – Erin Moller
2005 – Ashley Holzwarth
2006 – Angela M. Snow
2007 – Mohit Singh
2008 – Matthew D Brynteson
2009 – N/A

**Known as the Freshman Mathematics Achievement Award (1962 – 1989)


08/05/2016 4:17 pm


American Institute of Physics –

American Physical Society –

European Physical Society –

Institute of Physics –

Sigma Xi –


Starr Science Building
5050 E. State St.
Rockford, IL 61108
Mehmet Dik, Ph.D.


08/05/2016 4:16 pm


Emeritus Faculty
Adjunct Professor of Physics
M.A. Secondary Education (Emphasis on Physics Education), Northern Illinois University
M.S. Philosophy (Emphasis in the Philosophy of Science), Northern Illinois University
B.S. Physics with Minors in Math and Philosophy, Northern Illinois University
Phone: 815-961-8664
Associate Professor of Physics
Ph.D. Physics - Ohio University - Athens, Ohio
M.S. Physics - Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India
B.S. Physics - Cotton College, Guwahati, India
Phone: 815-226-4198
Fax: 815-394-5166
Deepshikha Shukla joined Rockford University in the Fall semester of 2015. Prior to this Dr. Shukla was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, NC from 2012 – 2015. Dr. Shukla held postdoctoral research positions at The George Washington University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill after completing her Ph. D. in Physics from Ohio University. She discovered her passion for teaching at UNC-Chapel Hill and started her undergraduate teaching career at James Madison University, VA.

Dr. Shukla received her B. Sc. (Hons) degree in Physics with minors in Mathematics and Chemistry from Cotton College in Guwahati, India and her M. Sc. (Physics) degree from the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi, India. Thereafter, she taught pre-engineering Physics in New Delhi, India before joining Ohio University for a Ph. D. in Physics. Dr. Shukla joined the theoretical Nuclear Physics group at Ohio University and completed the Ph. D. requirements in Fall of 2006. She was awarded the 2008 Division of Nuclear Physics (of the American Physical Society) dissertation award.

Dr. Shukla loves teaching and interacting with students. When not teaching she can be found doing research in Theoretical Physics or engaged in planning/conducting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) outreach programs. She volunteers for various programs like Science Olympiad, Regional Science Fairs etc. At UNC-Greensboro, she was the co-chair of the Tech Savvy by American Association of University Women program – a STEM workshop for middle school girls.

She is a member of American Physical Society, American Association of Physics Teachers and American Association of University Women.

At Rockford University, Dr. Shukla has started with teaching introductory Physics and Astronomy courses. She plans to teach all levels of undergraduate Physics courses and also contribute heavily to Rockford University’s outreach programs.


Starr Science Building
5050 E. State St.
Rockford, IL 61108
Mehmet Dik, Ph.D.

Scholarships and Awards

08/05/2016 4:16 pm


Sigma Xi Award
As an international scientific research society, Sigma Xi promotes advancement in science and honors scientific achievement.

This award goes to a junior student majoring in science or mathematics who has achieved excellence in course work, research and citizenship.

For more information on scholarships relevant to this department, please visit the Academic Catalog.


Starr Science Building
5050 E. State St.
Rockford, IL 61108
Mehmet Dik, Ph.D.

Programs of Study

08/05/2016 4:16 pm


The Physics program offers a minor in physics. One advanced course is offered every fall and spring for those students minoring in physics. The concentration of mathematics and physics can prepare students for graduate school in physics. Additional advanced courses in physics are offered as required.

Course Descriptions and Requirements

Rockford University’s Physics program offers students the opportunity to minor in physics. The Physics program offers the following courses every year:

Physics 105 Lecture
Physics 105 Lab
4 Credit Hours Every Fall
Physics 106 Lecture
Physics 106 Lab
4 Credit Hours Every Spring
Physics 201 Lecture
Physics 201 Lab
5 Credit Hours Every Fall
Physics 202 Lecture
Physics 202 Lab
5 Credit Hours Every Spring
Physics 101 Lecture
Physics 101 Lab
4 Credit Hours Every Fall & Spring

300-level courses are offered upon request if enough students are enrolled.
More information can be found in the Academic Catalog‌.

Search course offerings and descriptions


Starr Science Building
5050 E. State St.
Rockford, IL 61108
Mehmet Dik, Ph.D.


08/05/2016 4:15 pm

Students in class


Seeking a better understanding of our physical world? Students minoring in physics at Rockford University explore the complex relationship between matter and energy to better understand the physical world in which we live. Our courses in physics are provided to complement other scientific disciplines and to give students in humanities, arts and social sciences a basic understanding of the physical laws that govern our universe.


Starr Science Building
5050 E. State St.
Rockford, IL 61108
Mehmet Dik, Ph.D.


08/05/2016 4:14 pm