Compliance and Title IX

One Response. One Process. One University. – Equitable for All 

Purposefully reduce or eliminate barriers to educational opportunity caused by sex and gender-based discrimination at Rockford University for students, staff, faculty and third parties.

In alignment with Rockford University mission and strategic direction we strive to prepare and encourage students, faculty and staff to lead responsible lives and embrace civility and respect for one another. The work that we do is framed by our institutional strategic goals of being the University of choice and employer of choice, and our impact is unveiled with the third and fourth strategy of growing University programming and strengthening its reputation and relationships by the work we will do.

Who we are:
We are an integral part of the Rockford University system who helps ensure you are well-informed of your rights and responsibilities, that policies and procedures are written, interpreted and disseminated, and we serve as a resource where you may be heard and can expect a fair and impartial response.

What we do:
We accomplish our mission (1) with supportive university-wide organization and management, (2) ensuring equitable, thorough and timely investigations and grievance processes, (3) offering support for reporting and responding parties and (4) monitoring campus culture and climate for discriminatory acts and areas of compliance and enhancement.

Ultimate goal, results-oriented interactions:
As a result of interacting with our office, the individual will have enlarged their territory for knowledge of embracing diverse perspectives; gained or reevaluated their value of self and others; and learned skills to help develop as civil, authentic, and thoughtful citizens of RU and the community-at-large.

Our aim is to positively influence, fairly evaluate, provide timely response for any act of inequality, including sexual violence and to provide training and education for employees, administrators and students. While serving as a resource for students, employees, and guests of our  RU community.