At Rockford University, our mission is to educate men and women to lead responsible lives by means of a curriculum grounded in liberal arts learning and complemented and extended by professional and practical experience. In other words, our students connect different forms of learning to each other, learn to think critically and expansively, and apply the knowledge and skills they develop to the real world. No matter their major or intended career path, our students leave our campus prepared to learn, grow, and make choices throughout their careers and lives. In fact, a degree from Rockford University will provide you with knowledge for understanding the world, values for envisioning the world, and skills for shaping the world.

Our academic programming includes undergraduate programsgraduate programs, and a bachelor’s degree completion program in traditional liberal arts and professional fields. Whether you come to Rockford University with no previous college credits or some college credits, we can help you determine the appropriate educational journey that’s right for you.

Since 1847, we’ve graduated thousands and thousands of students who have experienced rich academic opportunities, practical experiences, and global perspectives in order to impact positively their lives and our world.

The Rockford University faculty and curriculum are organized into three colleges:

College of Arts and Humanities

The College of Arts and Humanities includes the departments of Art and Art History; English; History, Politics, and International Studies; Languages, Philosophy, Religion and Cultures; and Performing Arts.

College of Science, Mathematics, and Nursing

The College of Science, Mathematics, and Nursing includes the departments of Chemical and Biological Sciences; Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics; Nursing; and Psychology.

College of Social Sciences, Commerce, and Education

The College of Social Sciences, Commerce, and Education includes the departments of Education; the Puri School of Business; Kinesiology; Sociology and Criminal Justice.