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Funded by a grant from the The Library of Congress, the Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) program at Rockford University supports Northern Illinois educators in their efforts to incorporate primary-source, inquiry-based learning to enhance the achievement of students in kindergarten through grade 12. The program is conducted through undergraduate and graduate classes leading to teacher certification at Rockford University, including student teaching.

The program also provides free in-service workshops and graduate class stipends for K-12 educators in partner school districts to expand the community of educators using primary-source, inquiry-based learning experiences. The program also identifies, encourages and supports participating university faculty who provide TPS professional development to area K-12 educators.

Teaching with Primary Sources program at Rockford University collaborates with school districts, universities, libraries, and foundations to help teachers use the Library’s vast collection of digitized primary sources to enrich their classroom instruction.

For additional information, visit: loc.gov/teachers.

Rockford University will be presenting a workshop examining modern genocide given by Reid Jutras on December 6th.  This workshop will delve into the complexities of modern genocide utilizing primary source documents to drive instruction.  To attend please email Mitchell Dean at MDean@rockford.edu to register.

TPS Teachers Network

Join your colleagues on the TPS Teachers Network by registering at their website tpsteachersnetwork.org. You will be able to join TPS groups of interest, discuss strategies for teaching with primary sources, connect with colleagues and TPS partners, and share resources and teaching ideas.
Need help searching the Library of Congress/Teaching with Primary Sources sites for developing lesson plans or class projects? Contact: Mitchell Dean at MDean@rockford.edu.


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Edward Mathieu
Program Director

*Digital sources for images shown above: Jane Adda, Drafts of Langston Hughes’s poem “Ballad of Booker T.,” 30 May-1 June 1941, Chicago (Victor 18946, B-26733/4 ), Children sitting and kneeling on the ground and painting at Hull House, Panoramic view of Rockford, Ill., Hull-House community workshop Register now: Free classes in painting, sculpture, pottery, weaving, poster art.

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