Vice President for Student Life

Message from the Vice President for Student Life

Welcome to Rockford University— a community of rich tradition, where our students have many opportunities to make a difference, not only in our campus community but in the world! Like Jane Addams, one of our famous graduates, our students are asked to think critically, act compassionately and embrace the ideals of citizenship. In addition, our students have many opportunities to make connections with their professors as well as many staff members across the campus.

As the Vice-President for Student Life, I oversee a number of the departments outside of academics. One of our goals in Student Life is to provide students with programs and services for their growth and development that complement what they learn in the classroom. We feel it is just as important to be successful outside the classroom as it is to be successful inside the classroom. Here, at Rockford University we challenge students to become the best they can be as well as care for them and their personal development.

Student Life is made up of the following departments:

• Athletics
Career Development & First Year Programs
Jane Addams Center for Civic Engagement
Lang Wellness Center
Public Safety
Residence Life
Student Activities

I invite our students to stop by our Student Life Suite, located on the first floor of the Burpee Student Center.

Dr. Randy Worden
Vice President for Student Life