WRCR was conceived by a group of students in the fall of 1962. On December 20, 1962, the establishment of a radio station on campus was approved by Rockford University Board of Trustees. The Executive Board of Rockford University Student Government recognized WRCR as a communications medium on Feb. 5, 1963, and WRCR began regular carrier current broadcasting on March 17, 1963, from room 206 in Nelson Hall.

In the Fall of 1964, WRCR moved to a larger space on the first floor of Burpee Center. Then in the fall of 1970, the station moved to custom designed studios in the lower level of the new Burpee Center addition. In 1985, the University needed the space in lower Burpee and WRCR was again on the move. The new location was three rooms in the former Lang Infirmary. By 1993, as the University population changed from primarily residential to half-commuter student body, it became more and more difficult to staff the radio station. WRCR ceased broadcasting in 1994.

In April 8, 2005, WTPB LP 99.3 a low power FM station licensed to Third Presbyterian Church in Rockford went on the air. This partnership came about through a series of unique events and will be a fully cooperative effort between the University and the church. The University is excited about the opportunities this station will offer students and ability to broadcast athletic games, speeches, and performances to a larger community.

At present you can get more information from the Third Presbyterian Church Web site. Click the “newsletter” or “calendar” links on the left side of the church site. A group of dedicated WRCR folks have created a wonderfully informative Web site at www.wrcr.radiohistory.net

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