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College of Arts and Humanities


includes the departments of Art and Art History; English; Historical and International Studies; Languages, Philosophy, Religion and Cultures; and Performing Arts.




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College of Arts and Humanities


includes the departments of Art and Art History; English; Historical and International Studies; Languages, Philosophy, Religion and Cultures; and Performing Arts.




Art & Art History

The Art and Art History department specializes in educating students in the various modes of visual communication.


Art (B.A., B.F.A.)- tracks in 2-Dimensional Art, 3-Dimensional Art, Graphic Design
Art History (B.A.)


Art History
Graphic Design

Historical and International Studies

The Historical and International Studies department encourages students to read and think critically and to write clearly in order to more fully interact with the present and future worlds.


History (B.A., B.S.)
History (B.A. or B.S. with Secondary Education Licensure)
Humanities (B.A.)
International Studies (B.A., B.S.)


History- track for Secondary Education
International Studies- tracks in Area Studies, Arts & Peoples, Environment & Development, Ideas & Religions, Politics & Economy, Security & Peace Studies

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts department offers all Rockford University students a unique opportunity to explore dance, music, and theatre as separate but interrelated art forms.


Music (B.A.)
Theatre (B.F.A.)- tracks in Acting/Dancing, Design/Production, Musical Theatre Performance, Theatre Management
Theatre Arts (B.A.)


Theatre Arts


The English department offers courses that help students discover the practical value of critical inquiry and intensive textual analysis.


English (B.A.)



Languages, Philosophy, Religion, and Cultures

The Languages, Philosophy, Religion, and Cultures (LPRC) department is committed to the principle of proficiency as its orientation on teaching and learning a language as well as fostering appreciation for the world’s diverse religious traditions.


Spanish (B.A.)


Ancient and Medieval Studies
Latin American, Caribbean & Iberian Studies
Linguistics and Translations
Religious Studies

Jennifer Langworthy

College Dean

Jennifer Langworthy, Ph.D.
Chair, Art Department; Assistant Professor of Art

The College of Arts and Humanities represents the soul of the liberal arts education at Rockford University. The departments in A & H embody the heart of humankind, its wisdom, its languages (visual, spoken and written), and its legacies. We want our students to value the power of thinking and knowledge. We also want them to appreciate the beauty of the world around them—both natural beauty and also the arts, music, dance, and theater; to be able to reason out the arguments of politicians, bosses, or family members; to express themselves with words of love and hope; to understand the past and what it can teach us about the future; to know the divine; and to understand other languages and cultures around them and around the world.

A & H disciplines, in particular, help students learn to think, reason, analyze and write, to use information and facts for building an argument or explaining cause and effect, and to adapt to the world they live in now and will be working in when they graduate. These are the skills needed in today’s world across the wide-and-ever-changing-spectrum of careers.

Our Students - What They Say

I cannot speak highly enough about the Rockford University Spanish department. My classes were energetic, motivating and full of opportunities to develop and refine my language skills, which led me to a successful career in teaching Spanish.

Jennifer Harrolle

Rockford University was the only school to which I applied. It was the only school I wanted to attend.

Sydney Hover

When I was away from the campus, I missed having my own work space and the guidance from faculty that Rockford University offers its students.

Danika Mollway

I was looking for a smaller college with a community vibe. What impressed me the most was how different the campus is - the woods, the trails, the wildlife, and the close proximity to restaurants and shopping.

Mona Khalifeh

I come from a small town where it is common to be in small classes and develop lasting relationships with your teachers. I felt I could get that kind of education at Rockford University.

Sam Cady

My professors are amazing instructors. They all seem to show a deep passion for literature and learning, and really seem to get involved in class discussions.

Jessica Morris

During my senior year at Rockford University I had the opportunity to attend Unified Professional Theatre Auditions, a huge audition looking for new talent. As a result of that, I was invited to audition and ultimately got a role for Cats.

Daniel Switzer

The MAT program at Rockford University offers an excellent education to students and ties the information to the community we live in as well as facilitating local clinical and student teaching placements.

Christina Wells

I chose to attend RU because of its close proximity to my home and because Rockford gave me the opportunity to study abroad.

Tyler Burg

A plus to Rockford University is the diversity of students, including on-campus, commuter, nontraditional and international. The student experience is enhanced by this diversity, both in the classroom and through extra curricular activities.

Mary Anderson

The Latin program played a major part in my decision to attend Rockford University. My aunt, who is an alumna, told me how Rockford University changed her life, and I wanted it to change mine, too.

Julia Wetzel

I chose Rockford University because I wanted to attend a college where I would be able to experience personalized class experience and a more one-on-one relationship with professors.

Jeffrey Allen

I still find that I use the knowledge I gained in the Rockford University classrooms years ago in my own classrooms today.

Amanda Becker

I chose Rockford for a number of reasons; one of the main reasons being the opportunity to study abroad.

Susan Matthews