The Performing Arts department offers all Rockford University students a unique opportunity to explore dance, music, and theatre as separate but interrelated art forms in an innovative, experimental environment where they can express themselves creatively, study the performing arts in their historical-cultural context, and participate in departmental programs and productions.

Our faculty members believe in a hands-on approach of positive instruction and guidance to nurture creative and intellectual abilities. Classes are small for maximum student-teacher interaction. Some courses involve team teaching to provide a full understanding of the interrelationships of dance, music, and theatre.

Students will have numerous opportunities to enhance their education in the performing arts. We stress to all our majors the importance of disciplining themselves to the rigors of academia within and outside the performing arts, attending artistic events and workshops with professional artists, and participating in student-produced as well as faculty-directed productions.

Juniors and seniors are urged to spend a semester or year in the Rockford University program at Regent’s University in London, where they will have the opportunity to pursue the many cultural advantages of London and to study with an impressive variety of skilled British artists and teachers in specially designed programs. Juniors and seniors may also take advantage of internship programs with professional artistic organizations in the Rockford and Chicago areas.

We offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in theatre with tracks in acting/directing, design and production, musical theatre performance, and theatre management. We also offer a BA in dance and theatre arts. Minors are available in dance, music, and theatre arts.

Majors and Tracks/Concentrations:

•   Theatre (B.F.A.) Acting/Directing Track
•   Theatre (B.F.A.) Design and Production Track
•   Theatre (B.F.A.) Musical Theatre Performance Track
•   Theatre (B.F.A.) Theatre Management Track
•   Theatre Arts (B.A.)


•   Dance Minor
•   Music Minor
•   Theatre Arts Minor

Degree requirements for these programs can be found in the Academic Catalog.

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