Who needs to audition?

Prospective first-year and transfer students who wish to pursue the bachelor of arts in theatre arts are encouraged to schedule an audition/interview with the department either before or during their first semester at the university. Students who wish to pursue the bachelor of arts in music must audition and interview for the department prior to declaring music as their major. Admission into any of the competitive bachelor of fine arts (BFA) tracks (Acting/Directing, Design/Tech, Musical Theatre Performance, and Theatre Management) is by audition/interview only. An audition is also required for any student who wishes to be considered for a Performing Arts Scholarship (Musical Theatre, Music, or Theatre).

When do I audition?

Students may audition at one of the scheduled audition dates or may submit a VHS or DVD audition, although scholarship preference is given to those who audition in person.

2015-2016 Performing Arts audition dates:

  • Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016
  • Saturday, Feb. 4, 2017, Audition and participate in campus activities. If you plan to attend the Chicago Unified Auditions (Feb. 6 – 9) and can arrive 2 or 3 days earlier, we will pick you up in Chicago, bring you to Rockford for our audition on Feb. 4, and take you back to Chicago.

Typical Audition Day Schedule

Meet in the lobby of Clark Arts Center for all audition activities, unless otherwise noted.

11:00 // Tour of Clark Arts Center and Rockford University campus (choose between this tour or one at 4:00)

12:00 // Lunch with Faculty, staff, current students, and a Financial Aid representative

1:15-4:00 // AUDITIONS – Audition appointments will be made when you schedule your audition.

3:00 // Dance audition for BFA Musical Theatre Performance candidates

4:00 // Tour of Clark Arts Center and Rockford University

7:30 // Performance (on most audition weekends)

Please contact Travis Dahlhauser via e-mail or by phone:, 815-394-4379 for additional information.

Video taped auditions may be mailed to:

Rockford University Performing Arts
5050 E. State St .
Rockford , IL 61108

(VHS and DVDs will not be returned.)


How do I schedule an audition/interview?

You may schedule your audition by contacting Travis Dahlhauser, Campus Guest Coordinator, via e-mail or at (815) 394-4379. The audition/interview process begins with a general introductory session of prospective students, their parents and faculty members. The audition begins at 1:00 pm in the lobby of the Clark Arts Center.


What do I prepare for the audition/interview?

BA in Theatre and BFA in Theatre Management:
Students will interview with faculty members from the performing arts department. Be prepared to discuss your background in theater, your desire to pursue theater as a major, and your career goals and aspirations. Students with a primary interest in acting should also prepare two contrasting monologues. Each one should not exceed one minute in length. One of the monologues should come from plays of American realism and the second monologue must be classical, i.e. Shakespeare, Moliere. Time will be strictly monitored. Students with a primary interest in technical theatre or design should bring a portfolio or evidence of their previous work.

BA in General Music:
Please prepare two contrasting selections on your primary instrument and be ready to discuss your desire to study music at Rockford University.

BFA in Musical Theatre Performance:
Please prepare two contrasting song selections, 32 bars each, and a one minute monologue from American realism. Please bring sheet music in your key with cuts marked. An accompanist will be provided. A CD player will be provided for CD accompaniments. A cappella singing is not allowed. You will be taught a dance combination, so bring (or wear) clothes that you can move in.

BFA in Acting/Directing:
Please prepare three contrasting monologues not to exceed three minutes in length collectively. Time will be strictly monitored.
One monologue should be contemporary/modern
One should be classical – Shakespeare or Jacobean (not Greek)

All those auditioning are required to bring a resume and letter of recommendation.


Who is eligible for a Performing Arts Scholarship?

The Performing Arts Department recommends awards based on talent and potential. Awards are computed as a part of the student’s overall aid package. Prospective students must apply to the university and audition on or before March 1, 2015 to be considered for a Performing Arts Scholarship.