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Earning a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biochemistry, or biology will help you unlock a future full of discovery, innovation, and understanding.  Earning it at Rockford University means you’ll achieve your degree with a diverse body of students taught by experts in their field.  To better understand how Rockford University can help empower your future, read more below. 


We live in a world shaped by revolutionary new technologies, many of which require an understanding of biology.  Biology-related topics regularly make the news, including the human genome project, global climate change, pollution, environmental concerns, species diversity, genetics, and rapid advances in medicine and biotechnology.  These are only some of the interests of biologists in today’s world.  As our understanding of the self and the surrounding world has expanded, we have begun to understand the importance of all the organisms that share the world in which we live.

Why a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology? 

If you’re curious about the living world and seek to better understand the relationship between genetics, ecology, and various species, then a biology degree may be for you. This degree will turn your curiosity into experiments that test your ideas.  You’ll spend time in a lab, out in the natural world, and engaged in the exciting process of discovery.  Through your study of the biological world, you’ll apply your knowledge in a manner that can truly change the world. 

What Can You Do with a Bachelor of Science in Biology? 

The multidisciplinary approach of our biology department enables you to craft a career in a variety of different occupations: 

  • Chemical technician 
  • Educator
  • Environmental researcher 
  • Forester 
  • Medical professional
  • Museum conservator 
  • Science technician 
  • Wildlife manager

A Bachelor of Science in Biology lays the foundation for even more specialized learning through graduate-level coursework. This can open up opportunities for a career or in research in biotechnological, medical, and pharmaceutical fields. 

Why Earn Your Bachelor of Science in Biology at Rockford University? 

Rockford University has a proven track record of empowering our students to achieve more than they thought possible.  Our faculty has the right mix of experience in education and in practical research, enabling our students to learn from experts in the field of biology who also have a passion for teaching.  

The Alpha Helix Club brings together students in chemistry and biology to establish a student community who help each other achieve, while also giving back to the community.  Alpha Helix brings together diverse populations and promotes potential career opportunities. 

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Whether you want to go into research, become a doctor, or teach science, one thing is certain: you’ll want to study chemistry or biochemistry.  To prepare yourself for all the options, you’ll need to know more than the scientific method – you’ll need the broad-based studies of a liberal arts university to complement your science education.

What is a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry? 

Without advances in chemistry and biochemistry, our understanding of life would be close to nothing.  Chemistry and Biochemistry degrees allow you to understand life at the molecular level and understand how simple interactions lead to complex outcomes.  With a chemistry or biochemistry degree, you’ll be taught how to rigorously test your ideas through both classroom-based learning and hands-on research.  Either degree will help lay the foundation needed to solve global issues such as environmental collapse and world hunger. 

What Can You Do with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry or Biochemistry? 

These degrees provide career opportunities in fields whose job growth rate is expected to climb higher.  By studying chemistry or biochemistry, you’ll gain the knowledge and experience to excel in multiple professional roles: 

  • Climate researcher 
  • Chemical engineer 
  • Chemical analyst 
  • Food scientist 
  • Forensic scientist 
  • Pharmaceutical chemist 
  • Professor or educator 
  • Science writer 
  • Toxicologist 

Earning your biochemistry or chemistry degree will give you the background needed to gain additional knowledge through graduate studies.  Some students also choose to pursue a medical degree to gain entry to other more specialized fields. 

Why Earn Your Bachelor of Chemistry or Biochemistry at Rockford University? 

At Rockford University, you’ll gain the knowledge needed to excel in the fields of chemistry and biochemistry, but you’ll also enhance your knowledge through a multi-disciplinary, liberal arts education that boosts creativity and fosters an environment where students across multiple disciplines work together and share in communal learning. 

In addition, the Alpha-Helix Club also offers an enticing opportunity for students in scientific fields to work together to advance their career, educational, and volunteer opportunities.

How Can I Contact Rockford University for More Information? 

To set up a campus tour, reach out to us at 815-226-4050. You can also schedule a personal tour through our website.  We’re excited to welcome you to our campus and show you how we can help you earn a degree in biology, biochemistry, or chemistry.

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