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Chemistry and Biochemistry

Whether you want to go into research, become a doctor or teach high school science, you know one thing is certain:  you want to study chemistry or biochemistry. To prepare yourself for all the options, you’ll need more than just a scientific method – you’ll need the broad-based studies of a liberal arts university to complement your science education.


We live in an age of constant scientific discovery–a world shaped by revolutionary new technologies, many of which require an understanding of biology. Biologically-related topics regularly make the news including the human genome project, global climate change, pollution, environmental concerns, species diversity, genetics and rapid advances in medicine and biotechnology. These are only some of the interests of biologists in today’s world. As human understanding of the self and the surrounding world has expanded, we have begun to understand the importance of all the organisms that share the world in which we live.

Department Information

Chemical and Biological Sciences
Starr Science Building
5050 E. State St.
Rockford, IL 61108
Fax: 815-394-5166

Matthew Bork Ph.D.
Dept. Chair Chemical & Biological Sciences/ Assistant Prof of Chemistry


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