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COVID-19 Updates

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TEAS Exam Request

TEAS Exam Request

Testing Information:  

  • Testing will be only be offered on dates listed on the Proctored Test Schedule.
  • Testing will be held in the STARR Science Building on the lower level. Check in will be in Room 108A.
  • All tests begin at 12:30pm on confirmed date. Please check in by 12:15 to allow for on-boarding process.
  • You are required to bring a valid ID with a current photograph and signature to confirm your identity.
  • All other personal belongings, including phones and smart watches, will be placed in a locker during the test.
  • You are not allowed to wear a coat, hoodie, or hats during the test. 
  • For more information about testing rules and procedures, please see our CLS Testing Regulations.
  • ATI log-in information: For online TEAS test create a student account at prior to test date and have your log-in information with you.
  • Payment information: Prior to taking the exam, $65 is to be made payable to Rockford University SAS. Proof of payment is required prior to administration of exam. Rockford University Student Administrative Services (SAS) are located on the main level of Nelson Hall. SAS can be reached at 815.394.3700.
  • For additional questions please contact CLS at or call 815.226.4087.