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Empowering Tomorrow’s Healthcare Leaders

Welcome to the Rockford University Nursing Department, where we are dedicated to preparing professional nurses who make a meaningful impact on individuals, families, groups, and communities with diverse health needs. Rooted in the values of Nobel Peace Prize winner and university alumna Jane Addams, our nursing students are therefore encouraged to think critically, act compassionately, and engage with their wider community through community-based learning projects.

Why Choose A Nursing Degree At Rockford University?

Rockford University’s nursing program may be the perfect fit for you if you possess strong abilities in the sciences and also aspire to create innovative solutions to patients’ and communities’ unique health challenges. With us, you become more than a care provider – you become a patient advocate, an educator, and a change-maker within your community. The bachelor of science in nursing degree (BSN) is a four-year, full-time program. Students complete approximately 2 years of prerequisite and degree requirement courses followed by 2 years in the nursing program if the student stays on track with full-time course completion. Upon program completion, graduates may be eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam (Registered Nurse [RN] Exam). This program is intended for students who do not hold an RN license.

Learn More about Rockford University’s Nursing Program

Find out more about Rockford University’s nursing program during one of our upcoming virtual nursing information sessions!

Spring 2024 sessions will be held on the following dates:

  • 2/20 (Tuesday): 4-5 PM
  • 2/26 (Monday): 12-1 PM
  • 3/11 (Monday): 12-1 PM
  • 4/12 (Friday): 3-4 PM

Ready to Make a Difference? Apply Today!

Are you ready to take control of your career and make a real impact in your community? Apply to Rockford University today and embark on your journey towards becoming a nurse. Our Admissions Team is here to assist you:

Deciding to pursue a nursing degree empowers every student to choose their own career path. With a bachelor’s degree in nursing, you are more than a care provider. You are also a patient advocate, an educator, and a difference-maker in your community.

Students who graduate from Rockford University with nursing degrees have the knowledge, preparation, and experience necessary to contribute to their field immediately. We go beyond the basics, providing a broad base of skills that can be practiced at every step of your nursing career.

If you have been admitted to Rockford University and are interested in the nursing program, apply to the nursing program today! * Please confirm you have been admitted to Rockford University before applying to the nursing program. Also, specify the semester of your intended start date for the nursing program. See the Nursing Degree Paths options below for nursing program prerequisite requirements.

Nursing Degree Admission Paths

  • Early Action (EA) for High School Seniors:
    • Ideal for high-achieving seniors with a GPA of 3.25+ in specified courses and satisfactory SAT or ACT scores.
    • Competitive selection with notifications by April 1st.
    • Conditional acceptance pending fulfillment of admission criteria and submission of final transcripts by July 1st.
  • First-Year/Traditional Entry RU Students:
    • For students already admitted to Rockford University aspiring to join the nursing program.
    • Minimum overall GPA of 2.75 and science prerequisite GPA of 2.5 required for admission.
    • TEAS exam proficiency within 6 months of the start date.
    • Deadline for priority application consideration: October 1 (for spring program start: will change to September 1 for Spring 2026 cohort) or February 1 (for fall program start)
    • Notification of status by November 1 (for spring program start) or March 1 (for fall program start).
  • Transfer Students:
    • Tailored for students transferring from other institutions.
    • Admission and minimum GPA: 2.75, science prerequisite GPA: 2.5.
    • TEAS exam proficiency within 6 months of the start date.
    • Deadline for priority application consideration: October 1 (for spring program start: will change to September 1 for Spring 2026 cohort) or February 1 (for fall program start)
    • Notification of status by November 1 (for spring program start) or March 1 (for fall program start).

To view the complete prerequisite course list and details on admission requirements such as the TEAS exam, please see the Admission and Prerequisite Requirements page.

Additional Information:
  • Regardless of the entry path, all nursing program applicants must meet specific grade and conduct stipulations, including background checks and drug testing.
  • Maintaining requisite GPAs and ethical standards throughout the program is essential.

Student Involvement

At Rockford University, we believe in providing students a community in which they can learn, grow, and develop.

First and foremost, we encourage all nursing students to join the Nursing Student Organization or NSO during their time at RU. This organization brings together nursing students and others interested in a healthcare-based career to offer support and fellowship. They organize activities, community events, and educational opportunities that bring together a diverse student population.

Beyond the NSO, Rockford University also offers student organizations that encourage campus involvement. These groups turn the campus into a community while allowing for the exchange of ideas and cultures across demographics.

Exploring Nursing Careers and Internships


Expanding Career Horizons in Nursing

In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, nursing careers offer many exciting opportunities. The aging U.S. population coupled with a shortage of nurses has created a surging demand for skilled professionals in the field. Nursing has evolved beyond traditional roles, propelling nurses to the forefront of healthcare delivery thus opening up expansive career prospects.

With a 4-year nursing degree, you embark on a rewarding career and position yourself for one of the highest starting salaries in any field. Furthermore, as you continue your education, your earning potential can soar, potentially exceeding $100,000 annually.

Diverse Career Paths

A nursing career is both challenging and diverse. Nurses have the flexibility to choose from a wide range of settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and extended-care facilities. Alternatively, you might collaborate with private practice healthcare providers, contribute to community health agencies, work in federal nursing agencies, enter the corporate world, join educational institutions, or even serve in the military. Over the course of your career, you can explore various client populations and settings as your interests evolve.

Nursing specialties include medical-surgical nursing, cardiac nursing, pediatrics, neonatal nursing, critical care nursing, nursing education, community health nursing, psychiatric nursing, and many others. Nurses may also go on for graduate degrees to become nurse practitioners, midwives, and anesthetists. Employment opportunities abound in the Rockford area’s local hospital systems, skilled nursing facilities, clinics, and community settings!

Entrepreneurial Nursing

Innovative nurses are exploring entrepreneurial avenues by combining their nursing expertise with other specialty skills to establish new businesses. Possibilities range from nursing informatics (melding nursing with technology) and legal nurse consulting (merging nursing with law) to various home healthcare ventures. With creativity and determination, the possibilities in nursing are virtually limitless.

Explore the diverse world of nursing, where opportunities abound and your journey to making a significant impact begins!

About Our Nursing Faculty

The nursing faculty at Rockford University are experienced nurses who possess the skills and dedication to educate future members of the nursing community. These faculty members, though, are not just nurses. They are also authors, researchers, and leaders in their areas of specialty. Their depth of knowledge includes over a century of real-world nursing experiences, and their willingness to impart their learned lessons allows students to begin their career with a head start.

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