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I had two internships while at Rockford University, including one at Savant Capital Management and one at Deloitte Consulting. Both were invaluable in developing my skills as a professional and a leader.

Amour Muro

With endless amounts of resources available, it is hard not to succeed at Rockford University because the faculty genuinely cares about each and every student.

Andrea Bent

With endless amounts of resources available, it is hard not to succeed at Rockford University because the faculty genuinely cares about each and every student.

Danika Mollway

I was a transfer student, and the previous school I attended did not offer as good of financial aid packages as RU could offer me, which made my decision easy.

Ivy Hood

I enjoy Rockford University because the campus community and environment are small enough in size to where you can experience and be involved in almost everything.

Angela Martinez

What I like about my major is that we are a close knit group of friends that work with each other to work through academic problems. Even if we do make a mistake, we support each other to try again.

Trevor Thomas

I like Rockford University because of the atmosphere. I received a lot of one-on-one time with professors who care.

Jacob Arnold

A plus to Rockford University is the diversity of students, including on-campus, commuter, nontraditional and international. The student experience is enhanced by this diversity, both in the classroom and through extra curricular activities.

Mary Anderson

I came here to enhance my value as not only a current and future employee, but as a person. The MBA Program has taught me to respect and value another person's opinion and gain invaluable knowledge.

Eric Meyer

I came to Rockford University for sports and competition, but I stayed because of the endless amounts of opportunities in education.

Kenny Parks

The MAT program at Rockford University offers an excellent education to students and ties the information to the community we live in as well as facilitating local clinical and student teaching placements.

Christina Wells

From the skills I have attained and developed at Rockford University, I am confident that they have shaped me into a more effective, efficient leader and thinker.

Tim Schmeling

I would recommend Rockford University to others, and I do on a regular basis. I feel like the professors and sense of community fostered here go a long way in aiding the academic experience.

Matthew Fiedler

I come from a small town where it is common to be in small classes and develop lasting relationships with your teachers. I felt I could get that kind of education at Rockford University.

Sam Cady

As a non-traditional student returning to college, I feel that psychology is a rewarding field for me. I have gained practical application knowledge here at Rockford University to help people through therapy.

Pamela Ward

I chose Rockford University because I heard it was a great college. I loved the small class sizes, and the faculty and staff are amazing.

Maja Kuljanin

Attending Rockford University allowed me to spend more time with my daughter and focus more on my academic studies because of the University's close proximity to my hometown.

Stephanie Blaszczyk

Through the Elementary Education major, my classmates and I received endless opportunities to visit classrooms and get first-hand experience.

Samantha Kays

During finals of my 2013 Spring semester, I was given the opportunity to share my important research about low-birth rates and their causes and present this research at a national conference.

Megan Brechon

Rockford University allowed me to pursue my personal interests and my professional goals at the same time.

Kipton Bucey

The faculty and staff really take the time to care about us as students and make sure that everyone understands the coursework. That's something completely unique that I had never experienced before.

Katie Hanson

The Latin program played a major part in my decision to attend Rockford University. My aunt, who is an alumna, told me how Rockford University changed her life, and I wanted it to change mine, too.

Julia Wetzel

I have always been curious about the various aspects of the Performing Arts, and at Rockford University I have had the opportunity to be a part of several different performances in a variety of capacities.

Maddi Desens

Having professors, advisors, and coaches who know you by name and who are always there to help has become a major key to my success both in and out of season.

Casey Pettit

My experiences as a student athlete at Rockford University will stay with me forever, and I would recommend Rockford University Athletics to any prospective student athlete!

Zach Wallace

A Rock Solid Education.

Since 1847, Rockford University graduates have made their mark all around the world. Our graduates are teachers, doctors, accountants, scientists, coaches, managers, nurses, and critical thinkers. Far more than preparing students to do something, we empower our graduates to accomplish anything.