Got a Math Problem? There is free help at the Math Lab, Starr 302A!

Math Lab is open (closed during breaks such as holidays, Fall and Spring breaks etc.) from the second week of classes through the last day of classes.

Math Lab Assistantships

Students who have successfully completed the calculus sequence are eligible to work in the Math Lab. Eligible students can apply for a math lab assistant position on the first or second day of classes at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. There are only 12 paid hours each week available. Please contact Dr. Mehmet Dik,, for an application.

Even though there are only 12 paid hours each week, some students work voluntarily as part of their community service projects.

“The Math Lab exists as refuge and haven for those who ‘get it’ and salvation for those who don’t.” –Bern Sundstedt ’77

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