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Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics


The Mathematics major blends the best in mathematical training with a strong liberal arts education. The major crosses over the threshold from the “mechanical” nature of high school mathematics into the theoretical nature that characterizes advanced mathematics. The department has been approved by the Illinois State Board of Education to grant certification to mathematics teachers; additionally, the department has been approved by the Council of Undergraduate Research (CUR). A Mathematics major will become

• a critical thinker by using inductive and deductive logic
• a problem solver using appropriate technology.


The Computer Science department offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Management Information Systems (MIS) and Web Development. More than ever before, businesses and other organizations depend on the effective management and maintenance of information. A fundamental goal of both MIS and Web Development is to integrate the use of computers and information with the aims of a particular organization or business.

• A professional in MIS must have a good working knowledge of computers and several computer languages, knowledge of business, statistics and accounting practices, and the personal skills to work effectively with others.
• A professional in Web Development also must have a working knowledge of computers and several computer languages as well as a good working knowledge of graphic design to create visually compelling web applications.


Seeking a better understanding of our physical world? Students minoring in Physics at Rockford University explore the complex relationship between matter and energy to better understand the physical world in which we live. Our courses in physics are provided to complement other scientific disciplines and to give students in humanities, arts and social sciences a basic understanding of the physical laws that govern our universe.

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Department Information

Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics
Starr Science Building
5050 E. State St.
Rockford, IL 61108
Fax: 815-394-5166
Dept. Chair - Mehmet Dik, Ph.D.