Students majoring in mathematics at Rockford University are introduced to the incredibly diverse universe of mathematics, crossing the threshold from the mechanical nature to the theoretical nature that characterizes advanced mathematics. Our students learn to think creatively using inductive logic, to discover patterns using mathematical relationships, and to connect concepts using critical thinking skills.

It is not surprising that Rockford University offers such a unique and powerful approach to the study of mathematics. Our most famous alumni, Jane Addams, was a true humanitarian who embraced a problem-solving approach. Our students become problem solvers in the broadest sense of the word.


The Program offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science with concentrations in Management Information Systems (MIS), Web Development, and Cybersecurity. More than ever, businesses and other organizations depend on effectively managing and maintaining information and protecting digital infrastructures. A fundamental goal of both MIS and Web Development is to integrate the use of computers and information with the aims of a particular organization or business. The Cybersecurity track is critical since much of the information in the world is accessible online. A degree in Cybersecurity prepares students for future work in this field.

A professional in MIS must have a good working knowledge of computers and several computer languages, knowledge of business, statistics, and accounting practices, and the personal skills to work effectively with others.

A professional in Web Development also must have a working knowledge of computers and several computer languages as well as a good working knowledge of graphic design to create visually compelling web applications.

A professional in Cybersecurity must have a good working knowledge of computers and several computer languages in addition to a strong knowledge of business administration, criminal justice, ethics, and law.


Physics is one of the most basic of the sciences – it is an exploration of the tiniest and the largest structures in this universe; to discover “how things work” and to comprehend patterns that lead to understanding the laws of nature. It is our comprehension of these laws that ultimately lead to inventions and technological advancements that in most part aid in the progress of society. To be a Physicist is to be curious!

At Rockford University, we provide the foundation and tools required to hone this curiosity while preparing students for a career by developing 21st-century skills. Physics is a rewarding area to study because it provides the basis for much of today’s technology, and it helps satisfy intellectual curiosity. With two programs to choose from in liberal art setting with small class sizes, Rockford University provides a unique combination of expanded education and individualized instruction. The fundamental character of Physics makes it a discipline that is central to the liberal arts. The curriculum not only focuses on the laws of Physics, but it also emphasizes scientific inquiry that continues to facilitate our understanding of our universe. Simultaneously, students acquire an excellent preparation for careers that require analytical reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. The curriculum embraces a three-pronged approach to learning – theory, experiments and simulation/computation.

Rockford University offers a minor in Physics that provides students with foundational training in Physics. Thereafter, a student can tailor his/her experience in Physics by choosing advanced courses per their interests.

Rockford University also offers a 3-2 Pre-Engineering program. The students spend three years at Rockford University taking pre-requisite courses for engineering and general education courses and transfer to an institution offering Engineering degrees and spend two more years in an engineering program of their choice. Students then earn a degree from Rockford University provided they satisfy Rockford University’s degree requirements, and they earn an engineering degree from the University offering the engineering program. Students interested in this option should consult with the Physics Program chair very early in their time at Rockford University.