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Teacher education programs at Rockford University are firmly rooted in the liberal arts to provide a broad range of knowledge and practical experiences that will help students understand themselves, our society, the natural world, and the world of arts and humanities. Students learn how children and adolescents develop physically, socially and psychologically in the context of schools. Students will discover and understand how children and adolescents learn, how to recognize and adjust for individual differences, how to create a positive learning environment, and how to evaluate their own teaching skills.‌

By preparing teacher candidates to be agile and accountable and to value a practical education, our teacher education programs embody the vision of Rockford University. Jane Addams, our 1882 valedictorian, founded the country’s first settlement house, Hull-House. She believed in the value of educating all citizens of the world. And we do, too.

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Dr. Christopher McCullough

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Rockford University students develop the knowledge, values, and skills that impact their lives and our world.