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College of Science, Math, and Nursing

ROCKFORD, Ill. — Two Rockford University assistant professors of chemistry—Gidget Tay, Ph.D, and Matthew Bork, Ph.D.—have been honored with 2018 awards from the American Chemical Society.

Gidget Tay

Dr. Tay received the Local Section Outreach Volunteer of the Year Award for the Rock River Section of the ACS, nominated both for her chemistry demonstrations at after-school centers and public libraries as well as her series of “educational videos that combine dance and chemistry to explain concepts that students find difficult,” according to the ACS.

Dr. Tay, who was a dance minor as an undergraduate, collaborated with Rockford University Performing Arts faculty and students to produce the latest video on her DanceChemistry YouTube channel. Her videos have tackled topics including stereochemistry, reaction rates, distillation and solubility, with the hope that this free content will “inspire a younger generation of future scientists” and “be used to improve scientific understanding from a creative viewpoint.”

Matthew Bork

Dr. Bork earned a Salute to Excellence Award from the Affiliated Chemical Society for his work revitalizing an annual Chemistry Olympiad for the Rock River Section of the ACS. Dr. Bork has coordinated the event for five years, adding a banquet to the yearly meeting and working to build relationships with local high schools.

Schumaker Prize

12/09/2016 4:49 pm


Schumaker Prize

994 – Dean Meyer
1995 – Alexander Kain
1996 – Timothy T. Konrad
1997 – Wayne Fetter
1998 – Brian Harty
1999 – Lisa Wise
2000 – Jo-Ann Valdivia
2001 – Melissa Kussner
2002 – Svetlana Petkova
2003 – Heather Holzwarth
2004 – Ellie Etminan
2005 – Lauren Poppen
2006 – Joseph R. Haney
2007 – Alen Vrebac
2008 – Amy M Rich 2009 – Mohit Singh


Barrick Research Award

12/09/2016 4:47 pm


Barrick Research Award Winners

1998 – Lisa Wise, Brian Schofield
1999 – Kari Ebens, Jo-Ann Valdivia
2000 – Melissa Kussner, Elizabeth Sweet
2001 – Svetlana Petkova, Shannon Widlowski
2002 – David Grover, Heather Holzwarth
2003 – Joshua Glovinsky
2004 – Nathan Sweeney
2005 – Erin Moller
2006 – Amy M. Rich
2007 – Amy M. Rich, Angela M. Snow
2008 – Megan E Hofstetter

Calculus Achievement Award

12/09/2016 4:41 pm


Calculus Achievement Award Winners

1962 – Dennis J. Palmini
1963 – Carol J. Daley
1964 – Charles Silver
1965 – Carolyn J. Mattila
1966 – Michael L. Landes
1967 – James Curtis
1968 – Johannes Veldhuis
1969 – Kathleen Majcan
1970 – Patrick Shanahan
1971 – Kathleen Mokate
1972 – A. Scott Forsburg
1973 – William R. Paulson, Charles E. Ritzke
1974 – Diane J. Bundens
1975 – Jeffrey Klotz, John Morrissey
1976 – Herbert E. Borbe, Jr.
1977 – J. Scott Hudnall, Cynthia Kleindienst
1978 – Deborah J. Fredricks, Mark S. Zumhagen
1979 – James Harker, Donna Kmen
1980 – Patricia Novak
1981 – Susan Martin, Donna Mueller
1982 – Ellen Evans, Jayne Mariani
1983 – Brian R. Bowley, Wayne A. Martin
1984 – Randall A. Cook
1985 – Timothy A. Anderson, Dawn M. DeSousa
1986 – Andreas Lauer
1987 – Linda M. Abrahams, Tracey A. Kelleher
1988 – Nancy C. Casten, Tracey R. Winters
1989 – James K. Konrad, Karen I. Miraglia
1990 – Jon A. Johnson, David C. Wilson
1991 – Steven W. Siekerski
1992 – Carolyn S. Schauer, Eric Seger
1993 – Karen Hoover, Daniel C. Konrad
1994 – Tim Konrad
1995 – Jeffery Damon
1996 – Bradley Barrie
1997 – Jakob Krummenacher
1998 – Marcia Clinton
1999 – Tracie Knobeloch
2000 – Angela Valaisis
2001 – Heather Holzwarth
2002 – Jody Beilke
2003 – Zachary Cook
2004 – Erin Moller
2005 – Ashley Holzwarth
2006 – Angela M. Snow
2007 – Mohit Singh
2008 – Matthew D Brynteson
2009 – N/A

**Known as the Freshman Mathematics Achievement Award (1962 – 1989)

The Chemical & Biological Sciences department offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in both biology and chemistry, minors in both biology and chemistry, and a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry. The B.S. degree in chemistry is certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS). The Bachelor of Arts in chemistry (28 hours) provides a solid background in chemistry while allowing students to fully explore other disciplines provided in a liberal arts setting. Note that, should students major in biochemistry, they may not also major or minor in chemistry or biology.

Prospective majors usually begin their study of biology or chemistry and mathematics in their first year. However, students who have completed their first or second years should have no difficulty obtaining a degree, assuming they have been following a science-track major. Emphasis on laboratory work allows students to put into practice the theory that both text and lecture contain, while teaching basic laboratory skills and introducing students to modern instrumentation and scientific computer software. Two credits of undergraduate research are required of all majors, during which students might work with a faculty member on a project or might take advantage of summer opportunities at major research universities or in industry.

‌The College of Science, Math and Nursing at Rockford University combines a strong commitment to excellence in undergraduate education with abundant opportunities to participate in independent and productive research. The four departments housed in the College are Chemical and Biological Sciences; Math, Computer Science, and Physics; Nursing; and Psychology. We offer at least 10 broad areas of study necessary to achieve students’ educational goals. Our chemistry program is accredited by the American Chemical Society (ACS), and our nursing program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN). Our strong and diverse faculty provides an excellent education for student success and will prepare students for the career of their choice.

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The 25th Annual Tri-State
Psychology Research Conference

Saturday, November 7, 2015
Rockford University

Conference Program‌ Now Available

Poster Abstracts

Updated Graduate School Fair Information


Registration will take place from 8am to 9am at the large desk in the lower-level of the Burpee Center.

-Enter campus through the main State Street entrance

-Park in Lot A

-Walk across the street towards the Burpee Center

-Enter through the main lower-level entrance to your right after crossing the street


DanMcAdams-220x293Keynote Speaker Dan P. McAdams, Ph.D.

Henry Wade Rogers Professor of Psychology
Northwestern University‌

The Story of Your Life 

Psychological research suggests that beginning in late adolescence and early adulthood, many of us formulate stories in our minds about how we came to be the persons we are becoming.  These internalized and evolving narratives of self provide our lives with a sense of unity, purpose, and identity.  Dr. McAdams will describe current research in psychological science on the stories Americans tell about their lives, with special emphasis on the theme of redemption – the transformation of suffering into enhancement.  Redemptive life stories promote mental health and societal engagement in the adult years, even as they reflect certain cultural strengths and biases of American society.


It is not too late to attend.  Just pre-register with your name and email as an RSVP.  The registration fee is $7.00 for student participants without a valid Rockford University ID and will be collected onsite at the conference- CASH OR CHECK ONLY.  Faculty accompanying student participants are asked to pre-register but are not charged a fee.

Student Pre-registration

Faculty Pre-registration

If you submit a poster, only the first author will be pre-registered (Please email if the first author will not be attending).  Any other author attending the conference should also pre-register separately with the link above and only submit his/her own name and email address.        

This conference is made possible in part by the RU Student Opportunity Fund and an undergraduate research conference grant from 

PsiChiSymbol_HZ-CT-134x40  ‌

*Next year’s conference will be hosted by UW-Platteville on November 5th, 2016.

Psych Society

08/05/2016 11:05 pm


Psych Society provides information regarding psychology and how it effects everyone, not just psych majors, while also offering social interaction and civic engagement to students.

Department Information

Starr Science Building
5050 E. State St.
Rockford, IL 61108
Joel Lynch, Ph.D.