As psychology majors, students will be prepared to benefit from a broad variety of experiences. Students will have a deeper understanding of the human condition as it applies to them and to their fellow humans. As liberal arts students, they will learn to organize and analyze information, to speak and write clearly, and to use numbers effectively to make a point. As psychology majors, students will learn to enrich their personal relationships with human understanding and sound social judgment.

The department of psychology offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in both Psychology and Human Development. Minors in these areas are offered as well. The department encourages its majors to enrich their understanding with one or two semesters in London at Regent’s College.

Majors and Tracks/Concentrations:

  • Psychology Major, B.A. or B.S.
  • Psychology Minor
  • Human Development Major, Child/Adolescent Development Concentration, B.A. or B.S.
  • Human Development Major, Aging Concentration, B.A. or B.S.
  • Human Development Major, Life Span Concentration, B.A. or B.S.
  • Human Development: Child and Adolescent Development Minor
  • Human Development: Aging Minor
  • Human Development: Life Span Minor

Course Requirements and Offerings

Rockford University’s psychology department offers students the opportunity to either major or minor in psychology as well as a minor in human development. More information in the Academic Catalog.

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