Associate Professor of Psychology; Chair, Department of Psychology
A.A., Rock Valley College
B.S., Northern Illinois University
M.A., Northern Illinois University
Ph.D., Northern Illinois University
Phone: 815-226-4172
E-mail: JLynch@rockford.edu
Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology
B.A., Concordia University-Chicago
M.A., Ball State University
M.A., Northern Illinois University
Ph.D., Northern Illinois University
Phone: 815-394-4260
E-mail: AMartin@rockford.edu
Adjunct Professor of Psychology
Associate Professor of Psychology
B.S., Rockford University
N.S., Northern Illinois University
Phone: 815-226-4112
E-mail: ESharpe@rockford.edu
Professor Sharpe brings over 34 years of clinical experience to the psychology department. Sharpe has been recognized with both the Adjunct Faculty Excellence in Teaching and the Outstanding Community Based Learning Faculty Member of the Year awards. Her commitment to Community Based Learning in her courses earned her, along with her community partner, the distinction the McCormick Tribune Civic Engagement Role Models of the Year for 2009. Professor Sharpe has been a frequent consultant and presenter in the areas of staff development and communication in the education and medical arenas. Her work in the area of grief and healing has provided support to individuals in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin for well over a decade. She is currently involved in research in the area of trauma.
Assistant Professor of Psychology
B.A., Saint Mary's University of Winona, Minn.
M.S., Brigham Young University
Ph. D., The University of West Georgia
Phone: 815-226-4134
E-mail: JSkalski@rockford.edu
Dr. Jon Skalski has a liberal background in clinical/counseling psychology, human development, and the theory and philosophy of psychology. Dr. Skalski has training in counseling psychology and has worked in clinical settings. He has worked as a S.A.S.S. (Screening, Assessment, and Support Services) Counselor/Clinician in the Chicago suburbs. During the past four years, he has been employed conducting psychiatric assessment in the Piedmont Newnan Hospital Emergency Room in Georgia.

Dr. Skalski obtained his M.S. degree in psychology at Brigham Young University, and his prior research, focused on sudden development and transformation, has received internet news and media attention from outlets like Forbes, United Press International, International Business Times, Daily Mail, Medical News Today, and other outlets. Click here to read the article online in Forbes.

Dr. Skalski obtained his Ph.D. from the University of West Georgia in a new and innovative psychology program, rooted in humanistic approaches, which specializes in integrative approaches to psychology. His dissertation titled Beyond Being Tolerant: The Phenomenology of Negatively Tolerating and then Beholding and Embracing the Other investigated shifts in one’s experience and perception of others.