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Campus Directory

Martin, Amy

Martin, Amy
Amy Martin Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Starr Science Center
Office Location
Rm 438
Ph.D., Northern Illinois University
M.A., Northern Illinois University
M.A., Ball State University
B.A., Concordia University-Chicago
Courses Taught:
Psychological Tests and Measures
Cognitive Psychology
Social Psychology
Survey of Human Development
Psychology of Learning
Introduction to Psychology
Experimental Psychology
Introduction to SPSS
Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Cross-Cultural Interactions

Research Interests:
Social Influence on behavior
Religion and ethics
Online Infidelity
Scale Development

Martin, A., Reeves, T., Smith, T., & Walker, D. (2016). Computer proficiency for online learning: Factorial invariance of scores among teachers. Mid-Western Educational Researcher, 28(3), 247-263.
Sagarin, B.J., Martin, A.L., Coutinho, S.A., Edlund, J.E., Patel, L., Skowronski, J.J., & Zengel, B. (2012). Sex differences in jealousy: A meta-analytic examination. Evolution and Human Behavior, 33(6), 595-614

Skowronski, J.J., Ritchie, T.D., Walker, W., Richard, B., Sedikides, C., Bethancourt, L.A., & Martin, A.L. (2007). Ordering our world: The quest for traces of temporal organization in autobiographical memory. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 43, 850 – 856

Professional Memberships and Community Service:
Association for Psychological Science
Volunteer at Wayside Cross Ministries
Volunteer through my church, Christ Community Church