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The department of Economics, Business, and Accounting is housed in the PURI School of Business. Here, we study more than just accounting, management, marketing, finance, and economics. Our students and faculty work together to examine the concerns of business and not-for-profit organizations in a dynamic and ever-changing world. We also examine the ethical, political, and social issues arising from the workings of our business world.

Our courses are centered on collaborative learning, case studies, community-based learning, and internships. Our Bloomberg Business Lab, gives students access to 11 state-of-the-art financial trading terminals and learn hands-on financial applications. Our faculty are not only recognized academic scholars, but also bring with them corporate experience. These are all opportunities for students to make course lessons their own, to match theory with practice. This blend of theory and practical application allows our students to obtain the tools that are imperative for long-term career success within the business realm.

We want students to develop an understanding of the economy and society in which they live so that they can become effective participants in that society. Education for life and civic engagement are the ultimate goals of majoring in economics, business and accounting at Rockford University.

accreditation logo for the IACEBThe academic programs offered by the Economics, Business, and Accounting department are accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE):

Bachelor’s Degree Completion

  • Bachelor of Science in Management Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting Studies

Graduate and Executive Programs

At Rockford University, we prepare our students to become more than mere participants in society. Our Economics, Business, and Accounting department engage students in the information and skills they need, and our faculty shares their knowledge through multiple channels: coursework, case studies, community-based learning, and internships. This helps our students match academic theories with practical experience and become contributing members to the business and not-for-profit world.

Why Study Economics?

Economics, at its core, is the study of decision making when resources are limited. Economists study why and how these decisions are made, as well as what effect they have on a population. They look at preferred outcomes, such as efficiency, equality, and stability, to help better understand how these goals can be met.

Economics plays a role in almost everything people do, so an economics degree carries with it the skills to apply this study to many applications. The arts, banking, and medical care are all examples of fields that require economic know-how. Government organizations at all levels require economists to forecast future revenue streams and provide cost-benefit analyses of their policy goals.

The practical application of economics gives graduates a future with multiple options, even beyond the field of economics. While working at financial institutions or investment services after graduation is common, many undergraduates pursue a master’s in business or seek a law degree to cap off their formal educational experience.

At Rockford University, we offer a B.A. or B.S. in economics. We also have further concentrations in finance, international economics, and public policy. These concentrations enable our graduates to gain an additional understanding of their preferred career pursuits.

Why Study Accounting?

While accountants may partake in forecasts or help businesses analyze future earnings and costs, their methods are grounded in observable reality. Their main responsibility, typically, is preparing and examining financial records. They deal in transactions that have actually taken place and work to ensure these records are accurate. If they fail to do so, not only may the company they work for miss paying a bill or their taxes or fall out of compliance with local, state, or federal law.

Accountants play critical roles at any company for which they work. They collect, organize, and review the data that feeds decision making, allowing the business to hopefully make the best choice at the right time. Often this means helping the business reduce costs, or overhead, while increasing revenues, and thus profits.

These skills and responsibilities have practical applications even outside of the business world, accountants are always in demand. Government agencies are in constant search for auditors to help review and investigate potential corporate misdoings. Forensic accountants also aid investigators in untangling complex financial crimes.

By receiving your accounting degree at Rockford University, we’ll help you be on track to earn your CPA certification. Further, our faculty has a mixture of both classroom and real-world experience, helping you gain practical knowledge with a strong educational foundation. 

Why Study Business?

One of the main benefits of a business degree is the study of interdisciplinary studies. That is, a business degree will touch on many subjects:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Management

Because of this interdisciplinary approach, studying business opens any number of career paths for graduates. The skills you learn studying business are in onstant demand. Both large and small businesses require employees with these skills and those who prefer a different path can also find themselves working as consultants, researchers, and teachers.

Our Business Administration degree can be paired with a generalized track or one of three more specialized tracks:

  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing

Our Degree Completion Program in business management or accounting offers flexible format classes that are easy to fit into a busy schedule.

Graduate Degrees

Our Master’s in Business Administration helps you develop critical management skills and a deeper understanding of the business field. An MBA can help raise both the floor and ceiling of your earning potential, while also garnering you additional practical and transferrable skills and experiences that can allow you to choose your professional destiny.

Why Study at Rockford University?

At Rockford University, our faculty are experts and highly decorated members of their field, with knowledge gained both through their own educational pursuits and their professional experience. Yet our laurels do not rest in simply hiring the best faculty for our students. We believe that students need to engage with each other and the community to complete their well-rounded educational experience.

If this sounds like your ideal educational experience, reach out to our admissions staff today. They’re available by phone at (815) 226-4000. You can also schedule a campus tour or request additional information through our website.

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