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Photograph of Micheal Quinn, Interim Vice President for Enrollment ManagementMichael Quinn
Interim Vice President for Enrollment Management








Ann Forbeck
Admission Counselor


I grew up in Ironwood, Mich. (yes, I’m a Yooper!). I earned my bachelor of arts in psychology and my master’s degree in social work from the University of Michigan.

My advice is to think of education as not just school. It’s life. Take responsibility for your education, and don’t wait for it to come to you. Be assertive in becoming an educated person, and never stop learning.

Little known fact: I have five children–a son and quadruplets (three boys and a girl!). I love to travel and recently went on a photo safari in Kenya.

Shay Freeman
Admission Counselor


I grew up in Rockford, Ill. and I attended Augustana College, in Rock Island, where I earned my bachelor’s degree. 

My advice is that college is what you make it! Meet lots of people and build meaningful relationships with your professors and other staff on campus. It is great to have a resourceful network of people after graduation. 

Little Known Fact: I love dancing and 90s R&B


Faith HaleyFaith Haley
Assistant Director of Admission


My hometown is Stillman Valley, Ill. I graduated from Hope College with a Bachelor of Arts in women’s studies with a minor in music.

My advice for students would be to try new things. Whether it’s a class, a club or food, always find something new to try.  You’ll end up with tons of great memories!

Little known fact: I play six instruments-I am a classically trained flutist but the most surprising instrument I play is the bass guitar.


Donna HarveyDonna Harvey
Transfer Admission Counselor


I am originally from Elnora, Ind. I earned my bachelor of science in education from Indiana University, and my MBA from Rockford University. 

My advice to students is to take the time to make personal connections. Networking is key to landing that perfect job after graduation!


Little known fact: I coached volleyball and track & field during my teaching tenure.


Liz Nardi
Admission Counselor


I am from Green Bay, Wis. I graduated from Ashford University with a bachelor of arts in business administration, as well as public relations and marketing. I minored in organizational leadership. I am currently working on my MBA at Rockford University.

My advice? College will go by faster than you realize so get involved in what you are interested in; your experience is yours to create.

Little known fact: I have lived in three Midwest states and have visited 12 countries outside of the United States.



Tyler Ratts
Senior Admission Counselor


Watch me! Check out Tuesdays with Tyler on Youtube

My hometown is Martinsville, Ind. I earned my bachelor of science in communications with minors in Spanish, telecommunications, and sport marketing and management, as well as a master of science in Kinesiology (Athletic Administration in Higher Education) from Indiana University.

My advice to students is to take the time to visit the schools you are interested in. Pictures on the internet do not give you an accurate portrayal of a university. This is the best way to see if you can truly picture yourself spending the next four+ years at that campus. Plus, you get free t-shirts, and who doesn’t love a free t-shirt?! 

Little known fact: I have been to Disney World each of the past six years. Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse?


Photograph of Katie Wolfgram, Director for Campus Visit Program

Katie Wolfgram
Assistant Director for Campus Visit Program


My hometown is Marshfield, Wis. I earned a Bachelor of Science in International Studies and German, and minored in Outdoor Education at University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

My advice is learn who you are. College is a time where your independence is truly tested and you will learn where your boundaries lie. Take time to reflect about what you like and don’t like, not just academically, but stylistically and personally. Update your understanding of who you are regularly and let it inform the choices you make about your future, even if that means change.

Little known fact: I love to rock climb and takes risks.


Ella Stenberg ’09
Admission Data Specialist


My hometown is Rockford, Ill. and I earned an Associate of Applied Science in Banking and Finance at Rock Valley College. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Management Studies degree from the Adult Accelerated Degree Completion program here at Rockford University!

The advice I would like to give is that a university is what you make it – be happy with it. Enjoy your education and the new friends you will make.

Little known fact: Tom Selleck is my favorite actor!


Christine Murray

Christine Murray
Admission Receptionist


I grew up in Syracuse, N.Y. I earned my Associate of Science in Office Technology from Onondaga Community College.

My advice to you is to enjoy your time in college!

Little known fact: I am a huge Steelers fan!


Ana GonzalezAna Thompson ’11
Undergraduate Admission Assistant


My hometown is Rockford, Ill. I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Spanish language & culture here at Rockford University!        

My advice? Don’t be afraid to change your major.

Little known fact: I never learned how to swim.


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