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We are thrilled that you have considered Rockford University on your college search. Our Admission team is happy to guide you through the admission process. Whether fresh out of high school, transferring from another institution, or returning to school, we strive to provide you with the necessary support to ease that transition.


Jennifer Nordstrom
Jennifer Nordstrom

‌Jennifer Nordstrom ’92/’01
Associate VP for Enrollment Management/ Undergraduate Admissions


I grew up in Machesney Park, Ill. At Rockford University, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Finance as well as my MBA in Management.

My advice to you is to look at the entirety of what a university has to offer. Do not limit yourself by making assumptions about academic programs, student life or affordability without fully investigating these areas with an Admission representative. Definitely visit the university of your choice before making the final decision to enroll.

Little known fact: I was involved in a sting operation set up by the federal government. I aided the investigation that led to the arrest of a group of check counterfeiters.

Associate Director of Admission Marketing and Events


My hometown is Machesney Park, Ill. I earned my associate of arts from Rock Valley College and my bachelor of science in community psychology from St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, Minn.

My advice is to spend a few moments documenting your college experience and truly making memories—snap a few photos, take advantage of the opportunities available, and don’t be in a rush to move on with life. Breathe, experience, and learn!

Little known fact: I am in two local bands.

Kylee Bear '17Kylee Bear ’17
Admission Counselor


My hometown is Belvidere, Ill., and I am a proud Rockford University alumna with my Bachelor of Arts in English Literature.

My advice: Don’t be scared to push yourself out of your comfort zone! Join an existing club or start your own, always say hi to your dorm neighbors, GO to the campus events, try out for theatre productions, get a campus job, do whatever you can to get involved on campus and expand your interests. Don’t let yourself stay in a bubble of safety and experience EVERYTHING that college has to offer!

Little known fact: I’m the middle (read: best) child with a brother 12 years older than me, and another brother 12 years younger than me!

Susan Collins '16Susan Collins ’16
Transfer Admission Counselor

My hometown is Rockton, Ill. and I earned my Bachelor’s degree from Rockford University in English.

Advice? Get to know people! Make connections and friendships and relationships with everyone around you. I made so many friends and positive relationships with both students and professors while at RU and it has helped me in finding a career and gaining new experiences.

Little known fact: I love board games and am very competitive while playing them

Faith HaleyFaith Haley
Senior Admission Counselor


My hometown is Stillman Valley, Ill. I graduated from Hope College with a Bachelor of Arts in women’s studies with a minor in music.

My advice for students would be to try new things. Whether it’s a class, a club or food, always find something new to try.  You’ll end up with tons of great memories!

Little known fact: I play six instruments-I am a classically trained flutist but the most surprising instrument I play is the bass guitar.


Tyler Ratts
Admission Counselor


More info coming soon!




Andy RouttAndy Routt
Admission & Recruitment Coordinator


I am from Cincinatti, Ohio. I graduated from the University of Cincinatti with my Bachelor’s degree in journalism (minor in history), and earned my M.Ed. from The Defiance College.

My advice is to get involved and be active! Your time as a college student should be as active and engaging as possible.

Little known fact: I’ve coached men’s lacrosse at three different institutions, and helped start two of them, one as the Head Coach.


Jennifer Vargaz

Jennifer Vargaz
Transfer Admission Counselor


I grew up in Rockford, Ill. I graduated from Marquette University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, and a concentration on Intercultural Communication.

My advice to you is to take full advantage of your university experience. This is a significant time in your life that you will have amazing opportunities both academic and social- be it study abroad, interacting with new people from all over the country, or joining a club on campus that is outside your comfort zone. Most importantly, enjoy your time here- it goes by so quickly!

Little known fact: I’ve lived in 3 major cities in Italy and Spain.


Ella Stenberg ’09
Admission Data Specialist


My hometown is Rockford, Ill. and I earned an Associate of Applied Science in Banking and Finance at Rock Valley College. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Management Studies degree from the Adult Accelerated Degree Completion program here at Rockford University!

The advice I would like to give is that a university is what you make it – be happy with it. Enjoy your education and the new friends you will make.

Little known fact: Tom Selleck is my favorite actor!

Christine Murray

Christine Murray
Admission Receptionist


I grew up in Syracuse, N.Y. I earned my Associate of Science in Office Technology from Onondaga Community College.

My advice to you is to enjoy your time in college!

Little known fact: I am a huge Steelers fan!

Ana Gonzalez ’11
Undergraduate Admission Assistant


My hometown is Rockford, Ill. I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Spanish language & culture here at Rockford University!        

My advice? Don’t be afraid to change your major.

Little known fact: I never learned how to swim.


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