As a member of the Rockford University residential and academic communities, residents assume special responsibility for the University's conduct regulations and policies. These policies were adopted to ensure that the community is able to maintain a safe environment and an atmosphere conducive to learning and growing. The policies are primarily enforced by the Residence Life and Safety & Security staffs, but residents should also be playing a role in taking responsibility for the living environment in their halls.

Residents are expected to maintain a standard of conduct appropriate to their status as Rockford University students. Living in a community requires cooperation and respect. In the residence hall, individual rights extend to the point at which a person's activities infringe upon the rights of others. You have the right and responsibility to request consideration from others. You also have the responsibility to respect the rights of others.

Roommate Bill of Rights

Roommates have a great responsibility to respect and be respected. We encourage you to discuss the following with your roommate(s):

  1. The right to read and study in your room free from undue interference.
  2. The right to sleep without undue disturbance from noise, guests of roommates, etc.
  3. The right to a clean living environment.
  4. The right to access the room and facilities without pressure from a roommate(s).
  5. The right to personal privacy.
  6. The right to house a guest. We expect that guests respect the rights of the host's roommate and other hall residents, and are registered through our Safety & Security Office or with their RA if they plan to stay overnight.
  7. The right to be free from fear and intimidation, physical and/or emotional harm.
  8. The right to confront and resolve situations. Staff members are available to help mediate the resolution of conflicts.

Residence Life Policies

In addition to the Residence Life policies listed below, residents are expected to be familiar with the policies outlined in the Student Handbook 

Air Conditioners

Olson, Caster, McPhail, Ekvall, Dayton, and Svenson Halls are equipped with air conditioning. Cummings Complex – Emerson, Barnes, Talcott, and Lathrop Halls, are not air conditioned. However, residents living in Cummings Complex can bring their own window A/C units (Casemant window A/C units only) under the following guidelines:

  1. The student must supply a Casement Window Air Conditioner as well as all necessary matching accessories, including accordion window filler and support arm. Only casement (Vertical Window) units will be allowed and only accessories appropriate for that model of A/C will be permitted. Improper use of horizontal and portable A/C units can result in a safety hazard as well as damage to the building.

  2. The casement window unit must be installed and uninstalled by a Rockford University maintenance staff member. Students must contact their Resident Assistant or Residence Hall Director to schedule installation through a work order.

  3. Air Conditioning units are only allowed in Cummings Complex due to the small houses having air conditioning.

  4. All A/C units will be removed by Rockford University maintenance staff near the end of fall semester when the heating system is activated. The units must be stored by the resident. The A/C unit can be re-installed at no extra charge in the spring once the heating system has been turned off. You will need to contact your RHD to put in a new maintenance request to have the A/C unit reinstalled.

  5. If Air Conditioning is needed for medical reasons, proper documentation must be up-to-date and on file at Lang Center for Health, Wellness, and Counseling.

  6. A/C units that do not meet the conditions stated in the Air Conditioner Policy will not be installed. A/C units that are not installed by maintenance will be uninstalled by maintenance and confiscated until the end of the current semester and will result in disciplinary action and/or fines.


Rockford University currently allows students who are 21 years of age or older to consume alcohol responsibly in accordance with the Rockford University alcohol policy. Students who are under the age of 21 are not allowed to possess and/or consume alcohol at any time in the residence halls in accordance with state law and Rockford University policies. Alcohol is permitted in a residence hall room as long as one of the residents is of legal drinking age. It is the responsibility of that resident to ensure that all appropriate laws, ordinances, and University policies are upheld.

Svenson and Dayton Halls are substance-free living environments. 

Beer, wine, and wine coolers are the only forms of alcohol permitted in the residence halls. Rockford University prohibits all other kinds of alcohol in the residence halls. Kegs and any other shared containers that dispense alcohol are also prohibited.

The Office of Residence Life offers alcohol education programs at the start of each semester through the resident assistant staff. Residents may obtain information regarding the alcohol policy at these programs, or they may also consult the information on the website.

Please refer to the Rockford University Alcohol Policy within the student handbook, or a member of the Residence Life staff with questions or for additional information.

Appliances in the Residence Halls
Students are allowed to bring certain appliances when they move into the residence halls. The only approved appliances are refrigerators that do not exceed 4.0 cubic feet, fans, and a microwave. Any other appliance must be approved in writing by the Director of Residence Life or their designee. 

Break Housing
Residents are expected to comply with the opening and closing schedules indicated in the official Rockford University Academic Calendar. If additional housing arrangements are required during break periods, residents must receive pre-approval from the Office of Residence Life on or before posted deadlines. Failure to comply with any registration deadlines may result in an additional fees.

Break periods are not included in your room and board rate, therefore, an additional fee will be charged for the days of occupancy during a break period. Registration for Break Housing implies an agreement to pay for all days requested. Refunds will not be given for any "unused" days unless submitted in writing to the Director of Residence Life prior to the break. Students who remain on campus during breaks are reminded that vacation times are used for hall maintenance. No meal service may be available during these times. The University reserves the right to control the use of all residence hall facilities and rooms during vacation breaks.

Break housing is not guaranteed. It is offered only when space permits and on a "first-come, first-served" basis (unless another priority system has been established.)

Candles/Open Flame
Rockford University prohibits the use of candles or any other form of an open flame in the residence halls. If candles are found they may be confiscated or the wick of the candle may be clipped.

Care for Commons Spaces
Residents of each hall/floor, together with the housekeeping staff, are responsible for maintaining the common areas of the building. Trash and recyclable materials should be disposed of in proper containers. Accidents, such as broken glass or vomit, should be cleaned up by the responsible person(s). The residence hall staff will charge responsible parties for areas which are not properly maintained, for which housekeeping must spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning, or for messes which are clearly a result of irresponsible behavior.

Care for Room
Residents will be held responsible for the cleanliness of their room. They are expected to maintain reasonable health and safety standards. Residents in suite-style rooms are responsible for cleaning the bathroom.

Tack strips are provided for displaying pictures, posters and other wall decorations. Masking tape or other temporary adhesive may also be used. Nails or screws should never be put into the walls. Rooms must be returned to their original condition at the end of the housing term.

Check In/Check Out
When you move into the residence hall, you will be given a Room Condition Report that must be completed and returned to your RA. At the time of checkout any discrepancies with this form may result in billing charges to your account. Failure to complete the form may result in you being held responsible for any and all damages to your room.

When you move out of the residence hall, you need to remove all personal items, return all keys issued to you, and be checked out by an RA. Students are responsible for scheduling an appointment to checkout with their RA at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to properly checkout will result in fines for the following:

  • Improper checkout charge
  • Failure to return key charge
  • Additional fines may be accessed for extra cleaning and/or removal of personal property.

Any items left in storage, public areas or residence hall rooms will be discarded. The University is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. All residents are expected to vacate their room within 24 hours after their final exams are completed or by the indicated days/times the halls close for the semester or spring break. If you need to remain beyond this period, you must contact the Director of Residence Life, or their designee, for prior permission.

A detailed instruction sheet will be made available at least two weeks before the residence halls close each semester. Be sure to follow these instructions.

Disregarding the Directives of University Officials
All Rockford University students and their guests are expected to comply with the directives given to them by Rockford University officials when they are acting in the capacity of their job. Resident Assistants (RAs) are considered to be University officials as well as any other staff or faculty member employed by the University. Students who fail to comply with the directions given, including failure to identify oneself when asked, will be subject to a student conduct review per the Student Code of Conduct.

Drugs and Other Controlled Substances
Federal and state laws, and Rockford University policy, prohibit the sale, re-sale, possession, use or distribution of any controlled substances or prescription medication. The sole exceptions to this policy are (1) the use of prescribed medications by the patient for whom the medication was prescribed where such medication is used only as directed by the physician who prescribed the medication; and (2) the sale and/or dispensing of prescription medications by healthcare professionals within the scope of their licenses to do so and in accordance with the law. 

Students found in violation of this policy are subject to serious University disciplinary action (suspension or dismissal) and arrests under the state and federal laws.

Medications used at the University must be taken and/or disposed of properly and according to safe and acceptable medical practices. The University will facilitate counseling and referral to treatment as appropriate.

The University has the authority to enter and search any room or area of the campus where there is reason to believe that established standards of conduct or health and safety regulations are being violated or when there is a reason to believe that illegal drugs or controlled substances or paraphernalia may be stored, used, sold, or otherwise distributed.

Finally, Rockford University reserves the right to notify the Rockford City Police Department whenever illegal drugs or controlled substances or drug-paraphernalia are found on campus. Therefore, in addition to University related disciplinary action, students who violate drug policies risk arrest and prosecution for violations of drug-related laws by city, state, or federal offices.

Eligibility to Live On-Campus
To qualify for a space in the residence halls, a student must meet the following guidelines:

  • Acceptance into the Rockford University academic program
  • Registered for minimum of 12 credit hours per semester in a regular academic program at Rockford University
  • Apply for housing in the Office of Residence Life
  • Sign housing contract through Student Administrative Services (SAS)
  • Provide a nonrefundable housing deposit of $100.00

Approval to waive these requirements must be obtained from the Director of Residence Life. The Director of Residence Life will have final determination regarding eligibility. For more information, please contact the Office of Residence Life: residencelife@rockford.edu.

Residents assume responsibility for furniture assigned to their room. Residents will be billed for the full-replacement price for any furniture that is not present at the time of checkout. Residents will also be billed for any furniture which is not fully assembled (i.e., bed frames) at checkout.

Residents may arrange furniture to suit individual tastes including bringing personal furniture, provided such additions do not jeopardize the health or safety of roommate(s) & abide by the conditions established by the university and printed in the university brochures. Furniture in the residence hall lounges, study rooms, etc., may NOT be used in private rooms. A fine for the misuse or appropriation of common area furniture will be imposed by the Office of Residence Life.

Gambling is not permitted on Rockford University property.

Guest Policy
Residential Students wanting to host a friend who is not a member of the Rockford University community on-campus or overnight must register the guest with their RA or with the Office of Safety and Security. The hosting student is responsible for their guest at all times while on Rockford University property and will be held accountable if the guest is found to be violating any of policies of the University. Failure to register the guest could result in a student conduct review for the Rockford University student. The University reserves the right to ban any guest from campus if the conduct of the guest endangers the safety and well-being of the University community, including involving the Rockford Police Department.

Identification Cards
All Rockford University students are required to have photo identification cards. Students should always carry their ID card and are required to present valid ID cards to cash checks and have access to the library, cafeteria, and Fitness Center. Identification cards also provide front door access to residents of the Cummings Complex. They may also be used by Campus Security or Residence Life staff for identification purposes. Students are prohibited from loaning cards to other students and/or guests.

Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to the SAS (during regular business hours) or Safety and Security (during weekends or evening hours). A $25 fee is assessed for the replacement of lost or stolen ID cards.

Room keys, mailbox keys, and outdoor access cards (and keys) are the property of the University. Residents are responsible for all issued keys. Under no circumstance may keys be duplicated or loaned to other individuals. Residents are encouraged to keep unattended rooms locked to avoid theft. Full replacement costs for lost or stolen keys will be assigned to the resident to which the key was issued by the Office of Residence Life.

Lock outs will occasionally occur over the course of the semester. If your RA is unavailable the Safety and Security staff is willing to assist you in gaining access to your room. Neither the RA or a member of the Safety and Security staff will let someone other than the resident into the room, this includes registered guests. Rockford University is happy to help its residents out; however, abuse of this service could result in a student conduct review for the resident.

Kitchenette areas are available in each residential complex. The facilities may include the following: a sink, refrigerator, and microwave. Kitchenettes are for resident use. Residents are responsible for keeping, must keep these areas clean.

Laundry Facilities
Washers and dryers on campus are for resident use only. Washing facilites are located in the Cummings Complex, The Johnson Center (Lion's Den), and in the Kent Center. The University is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property in laundry facilities.

Loss and Liability
Rockford University is not responsible for the loss, theft, or damage of any personal property from any cause. For safety purposes, we encourage all students to keep your room and automobile locked at all times. All residents are encouraged to purchase renter's insurance. If you are a dependent with a parent/guardian, you may be covered under their homeowner’s policy. Please check with your insurance agent.

Noise, Quiet and Courtesy Hours
Courtesy Hours are in effect twenty-four hours a day. This means that residents may request another resident or group of residents to cease any activity which is interfering with his/her ability to study, rest, or quietly enjoy the community. Residents are expected to comply with such requests. 

Quiet hours for each community are established by a majority vote at the start of the year, but apply to only that community. Disruption to another hall or floor is considered an automatic violation of the noise policy. Campus quiet hours are 12:00 am - 10:00 am.

Offensive Material
Materials which are deemed to be obscene or which violate the University's nondiscrimination policy are not permitted in public areas (hallways, room doors, windows, etc.).

Pet Policy

Pets can create unsafe and unhealthy living conditions. As a result Rockford University does not allow for any pets in our residence halls. If a student has a question regarding the pet policy they should contact their Residence Hall Director prior to bringing the pet into the residence halls.

Physical and Verbal Harassment

Physical or verbal harassment is prohibited in the residence hall community or anywhere else on campus. Students who feel they are being harassed in this manner should contact Safety and Security or a member of the Residence Life staff immediately.

Residence Hall Contract
The room and board contract is issued for the entire academic year (fall and spring semesters). Residents are required to sign an application and contract which incorporates the policies, procedures and certain additional requirements contained therein.

Cancellation of a residence hall contract requires permission from the Director of Residence Life. There must be a compelling reason to cancel a contract. If the decision of the Director of Residence Life is to deny a contract cancellation, the resident will be obligated to fulfill the contract. If granted, contact Student Administrative Services (SAS) for a schedule of refunds.

The Office of Residence Life reserves the right to cancel an Application and Contract for the following reasons: no longer registered for classes, falling below the minimum 6 credit hours needed to eligible, nonpayment of a bill, serious or numerous residence hall/University policy violation(s). Residents will then be given a specific date to have all personal belongings removed from the residence hall.

Rockford University Staff Entering your Room
Rockford University and the Residence Life staff believe your right to privacy is important and will be respected whenever possible. However, the University reserves the right for designated authorities to enter a student room/suite at any time without prior notice. The following are several reasons for entry into a resident room:

  • Health, safety, maintenance, or personal welfare checks
  • Clear indication that established standards of conduct are being violated, or to protect university property
  • Semester Closing and Break Periods

Designated authorities include the Dean of Students, Assistant Dean of Students/ Director of Residence Life, Residence Hall Directors, Campus Security, maintenance staff, Officers of the University or their appointed representatives.

If a University staff member finds it necessary to enter your room when you are not present, s/he will attempt to leave you a note or let you know afterward that your room was entered and the reason.

Room Assignment
The Director of Residence Life oversees all room assignments and makes every effort to see that they are made in the best interest of the resident. The general guidelines used in the assignment process are listed below. The Office of Residence Life reserves the right to change this process at any time and will make reasonable attempts to inform students prior to the change.

New Students:

  • Specific requests for roommates are honored when possible.
  • Personal living styles will be matched as much as possible according to when the Housing Application/Contract is received and the responses provided on the "Housing Preference" form.
  • Special consideration is given to those preferring a nonsmoking roommate or floor. However, in the event smoking and nonsmoking individuals are assigned to the same room, the nonsmoker's rights prevail.
  • Requests for particular room types (i.e., single rooms) will be considered only after a completed Housing Application has been received by the Office of Residence Life. A completed application includes the Housing Contract, Meal Contract,Preference Form, and $100 housing deposit.
  • Room and floor/hall assignments are made at the discretion of the Residence Life staff with preference first being given to returning residents and earliest deposit dates.

Returning Students:

  • All renewal process information will be made available by the residence life office prior to renewal dates.
  • Living preferences of returning students will receive priority for those who are in good judicial standing.
  • Students not participating in the renewal process or currently living off-campus may select a room for the next academic year any time after renewal, so long as they meet the requirements to live on-campus, submit a completed housing application, and $100 housing deposit.
  • All applications received after June 1, will be made according to the guidelines established for new residents.

Room Modifications
Room modifications must first be approved by the Director of Residence Life. Please pick up a room modification form in Nelson Hall 2nd floor.

Approval is subject to final inspection of the modification. If found unsatisfactory, the resident will be required to make the appropriate changes within the specified period or return the room to its original condition. All rooms must be restored to original condition upon move out. Failure to do this will result in a fine.

Room Repairs/Maintenance Requests
Concerns or issues in your residence hall requiring the services of the maintenance department at Rockford University should be brought to the attention of your RA or a member of the Residence Life staff. Once a staff member is notified they will put in a work order. Maintenance will follow up and work to correct the issue. Questions about the time line for repair or any follow up items should be directed to your Residence Hall Director.

Repairs as a result of damage to Rockford University property will be handled according to the vandalism policy.

Sexual Harassment
It is the policy of Rockford University that the working and learning environments shall be free from sexual harassment of the students, employees, and those who apply for student or employee status. All students and employees should be aware that the University shall take action to eliminate sexual harassment. Students with complaints should contact their Residence Hall Director, a member of the Sexual Harassment Board, or the Human Resources Manager.

Smoke Detectors
The University provides each residence hall room with a working smoke detector at the start of the academic year. The University also periodically checks the smoke detectors to ensure that they are working properly. If you suspect that your smoke detector isn’t working property immediately contact your RA or the Residence Hall Director. Since smoke detectors are essential to the safety of all residents it is expected that residents do not tamper with the smoke detectors in anyway. Residents found to have tampered with the smoke detectors will be fined for the replacement cost and may also face disciplinary action.

Smoking is not permitted in any of the residence halls, including individual rooms, common areas, or restrooms.

Statement of Responsibility (SOR)
A Statement of Responsibility (SOR) is needed by residential students who are at least 21 years old and who want to host a party in their room with alcohol for 10 or more people. The person obtaining the SOR must be the resident of the room where the party is taking place, and must remain sober for the entirety of the party. SOR permits must be obtained through the Director of Residence Life no later than 24 hours prior to the day of the event. For more information on the SOR and the responsibilities of the host(s) please refer to the Alcohol Policy.

Summer Housing
Limited summer housing may be available on campus and requires an additional fee. To be eligible for summer housing, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Complete a housing application/contract form
  • Be enrolled in the academic summer session and/or work on campus to be given first priority.
  • Students working in town will also be given consideration, but not a discount on housing.
  • Be in good judicial and academic standing with the University

If summer housing is available occupancy in the assigned hall can take place one day before summer classes begin, and closes the day after the last class. Occupancy during other times is at the discretion of the Director of Residence Life. All students are subject to the same regulations as during the academic year.

Unauthorized Entry
Only residents and their escorted guests are authorized access to their assigned residence hall. Forcible or unauthorized entry into any building, structure, facility, or room through a door, window or other means on the premises of University owned or controlled property is prohibited and subject to disciplinary sanction.

Underage Roommates
Students who are 21 or older may keep and consume alcohol in their rooms (following university guidelines). However, roommates (and guests) under 21 are not permitted at any time to possess or consume the alcohol. If minors are found possessing and/or consuming alcohol, all alcohol in the room will be disposed of on site. The minors found in violation will be documented and the residents who reside in the room will be documented for providing alcohol to minors. If neither roommate is over 21, it is expected that no alcohol be brought into or stored in their room.

Any malicious damage to private or University property is prohibited. Persons responsible for damage will be billed for repair and replacement and may face disciplinary action. Residents will be notified by public memo/posting of any common area fines or damages.

When two or more residents occupy the same room/space and responsibility cannot be determined, the cost of repair or replacement will be divided evenly between the residents of the room/space. If damage or loss occurs in a common area (lounge, hallway, etc.) and no one can be identified as the responsible party, all residents in the living unit (hall/floor) will be charged for the repair/replacement costs.