Are first-year students required to live on campus? Incoming first-year students are not required to live on campus; however, they are encouraged to make Rockford University their home. Resident students that actively participate in the Rockford University community enrich their university experiences.

Do all first-year students live together? First-year students are not required to live in the same residence hall; however, they have the option to do so. First-year housing will provide residents with an opportunity to live, learn and socialize with other students going through similar experiences and enjoy close relationships with first-year advisors, programs and services.

What are the basic room types? There are five available options:

  1. Single (room for one student)*
  2. Super Single (room for one student with a private bathroom)*
  3. Double (room for two students)
  4. Suite (room for four students with two bedrooms, a living room and a bathroom to be shared by suitemates)*Availability is limited.

Are the residence halls co-ed? Yes, but each floor is separated by gender. For example, in one building, the guys reside on the first floor so the ladies will be on the second floor. However, floors that have a suite-style set-up are co-ed.

How many people share a bathroom? Six at most

What is provided in the room? For each student residing in the room, there will be one of the following:

  1. Standard-length twin size bed
  2. Dresser
  3. Desk with chair
  4. Shelf
  5. Closet
  6. Also included: a peep hole in the door, window blinds and tack strips for hanging pictures and posters.

What, other than student rooms, is in a residence hall? Each residence hall has a kitchenette with a microwave, refrigerator, cupboards and a sink. Also, each hall has a lounge with furniture that students are welcome to study or hangout in.

Can students bring a microwave or mini-fridge? Yes, you can bring both! The mini-fridge may not exceed 4.0 cubic feet. It is encouraged to talk with roommates to see who is bringing what so the student doesn’t end up with duplicates in the room.

*Use of stoves or any appliance with an open coil/flame can be a fire hazard and is prohibited.

Can students light candles? Candles are a fire hazard and are prohibited.

Are the residence halls air-conditioned? Olson, Caster, McPhail, Ekvall, Dayton, and Svenson Halls are equipped with air conditioning. Cummings Complex – Emerson, Barnes, Talcott, and Lathrop Halls, are not air conditioned.

However, residents living in Cummings Complex can bring their own window A/C units, provided they meet certain requirements. Please see the Residence Life Policies page for more information.

Are the residence halls heated? Yes.

Is there Internet access in the residence halls? Every residence hall has wireless internet access. Students whose computer is not wireless-accessible will need to purchase a wireless card.

Where do the students do laundry? Laundry can be done in three places on campus: on the lower floor of Cummings Complex, the first floor of the Lion’s Den and on the first floor of the Kent Center. The washer and dryer units use Mac-Gray cards which students can buy and recharge in each laundry room.

Can first-year students have a car on campus? Yes, all students are welcome to have cars and park on campus. The student will need to obtain a parking permit. There is no charge for the permit.

Can students get mail on campus? All full-time students will have a campus mailbox located at the Mail Desk in the Burpee Center. Students will be able to send and receive letters and packages from there. During the first day or two at Rockford University, students will be able to pick up the key to the mailbox.

Your mailing address at Rockford University will be as follows:


Name: Jane Addams
Rockford University Box #: Box #001
Address: 5050 E. State Street
Rockford, IL  61108


Residence Life
Kent Center--2nd floor
5050 E. State Street
Rockford, IL 61108
fax: 815-394-3730
Scott Mitchell, Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life

Mon-Fri - 8:30 am to 5:00 pm