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Rock Solid.

Residing within the Institutional Advancement division, the Marketing and Print Services departments work with our colleagues across campus to aggregate, curate, and steward the Rockford University brand.

  • As aggregators, we bring together people to connect and share ideas, goals, and strategies.
  • As curators, we care for and protect the creative and brand assets of our institution.
  • As stewards, we develop and manage the Rockford University brand to help position and strengthen our institution for the future.

As Rockford University’s in-house marketing agency, we work to continually develop, champion, and deploy Rockford University’s brand identity and standards. We’re driven by collaboration, creativity, and strategy, and we’re meticulous about the details. We’re also really good at asking a lot of questions. That helps us remain a strategic partner in the recruitment, fundraising, and retention efforts and priorities of our institution. 

Our Services

As your strategic marketing partner, we provide our campus community with a variety of services. Our in-house team of creative professionals will work with you to tailor our services to help you in the most cost-effective, efficient, and convenient manner. From time to time, we will partner with off-campus marketing vendors to extend our resources. Our services include:

  • Visual design for print and digital formats/platforms
  • Marketing and advertising strategy, including all external advertising buys
  • Market research
  • Photography and videography
  • Content strategy
  • Web development and training
  • Social media development and training
  • Print services — visit the Print Services page for more info
  • Mail services — visit the Mail Services page for more info

Per the Rockford University Brand Standards Guide, any marketing projects intended for off-campus audiences must be reviewed and approved by the Marketing department before distribution.

Strategic Communications and Marketing Plan

Developed in FY15 and formalized in FY16, the Strategic Communications and Marketing Plan guides the priorities and efforts of our university-wide, strategic initiatives. Below is a presentation encapsulating our progress to date and our future priorities.

Marketing Updates

In order to inform our campus community regarding new initiatives, we will share Marketing Updates from time to time that provide details and context for these new projects. The following list includes the most recent Marketing Updates from the current fiscal year as well as a few from previous fiscal years. 


PowerPoint Templates

Digital Letterhead Templates


At Rockford University, our brand is one of our most valuable assets. It defines who we are, communicates the promise we deliver, and unifies every area of our institution. The following documents provide more context and information about our brand strategy and identity. 

Contact Information

Nellie Miller, Director of Marketing

Gale Wallace, Website Administrator

Paul Hecker, Graphic Designer

Rosa Pasillas ’17, Digital Media Specialist

Pamela Ward, Print Services Manager

Monna Ohme, Mailroom Coordinator

Reggie Headshot (color) 100x100
Reggie is back and better than ever! If you’re looking for Rockford University’s #1 fan, contact the Marketing department because we know his favorite hiding spots. Although, he doesn’t stay in them too long as he loves to meet and greet new and current Regents!

Want Reggie to personally visit your upcoming event or classroom? Email him at And if you have time, check out his Instagram page at @ReggieRegent. #ReggieNation #RegentPride