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The Marketing and Communications department works with our colleagues across campus to aggregate, curate, and steward the Rockford University brand.

  • As aggregators, we bring together people to connect and share ideas, goals, and strategies.
  • As curators, we care for and protect the creative and brand assets of our institution.
  • As stewards, we develop and manage the Rockford University brand to help position and strengthen our institution for the future.

As Rockford University’s in-house marketing agency, we work to continually develop, champion, and deploy Rockford University’s brand identity and standards. We’re driven by collaboration, creativity, and strategy, and we’re meticulous about the details. We’re also really good at asking a lot of questions. That helps us remain a strategic partner in the recruitment, fundraising, and retention efforts and priorities of our institution. 

Per the Rockford University Brand Standards Guide, any marketing projects intended for off-campus audiences must be reviewed and approved by the Marketing department before distribution.

Brand Assets


The official logo of Rockford University represents our entire institution and is the foundation of our visual brand identity. Because our logo is central to our identity, its integrity and value is of upmost importance. Therefore, the following guidelines must be followed in order for our institution to receive strong brand recognition throughout the world.

  • The logo may only be used in the approved colors: PMS 2104 (CMYK 85, 100, 0, 0), Black, or Reversed (White).
  • When using the reversed logo, it should be placed on a solid colored background of PMS 2104 (CMYK 85, 100, 0, 0) or Black.
  • Because the logo is stacked and centered, it is best to center the logo at the top or bottom of your document. If using text underneath the logo, center the text and provide some space between the logo and text; the text and logo should be of similar visual weight.
  • Do not stretch or alter the size and proportion of the logo; please contact the Marketing department if you need assistance with resizing the logo appropriately for your needs.

Download JPEG and PNG versions of the official RU logo.  


The Marketing department uses two main typefaces in marketing materials: Akzidenz-Grotesk and Bebas Neue. Bebas Neue is reserved for headlines and subheadings, while Akzidenz-Grotesk (regular weight) is used for copy and bodies of text.

RU brand standards guide fonts

Acceptable fonts

Because not every department on campus has access to Bebas Neue or Akzidenz-Grotesk, the following options for fonts are acceptable.

RU brand standards guide fonts 2

Brand Color Palette

Our primary colors are Purple (Pantone 2104) and White. However, we also have an extended palette of secondary colors to use throughout our Rock Solid marketing campaign. When printing materials, please use the CMYK color codes. RGB and Web color codes may be used for online and electronic materials. In order to build a consistent brand presence for the University, it is imperative that only approved colors are used whenever presenting the Rockford University logo; the logo may only be used in Purple (Pantone 266 or CMYK 79, 90, 0, 0), White, or Black.



Pantone 2104
85, 100, 0, 0
82, 46, 145

0, 19, 79, 0
255, 206, 81

62, 16, 11, 0
90, 173, 206

0, 53, 100, 0
247, 142, 30

58, 0, 100, 0
120, 192, 67


One of our most powerful tools to communicate our brand is our use of images. In many cases, imagery is the language of Rock Solid. We strive to create compelling, emotional, and authentic images for all of our marketing pieces. Our use of imagery is strategic and connects our advertising collateral to each other. Throughout the academic year, the Marketing department will schedule photo shoots of students, employees, and alumni. In addition, we will also utilize photos taken by departments and other individuals from our campus community. A photo and video release form is located on the Marketing page of the Rockford University Portal site. Please use it to obtain permission from people, both on campus and off campus, who are subjects of any pictures you or your department take. Once the form is signed, please send it to the Marketing department, so we can archive it in our files.

We have a gallery of general campus photos for our campus partners.

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