Reggie L. Regent

About Reggie L. Regent:

Before 1957, Rockford College® did not participate in intercollegiate sports in the formal manner we do today where a mascot was necessary. As a women’s college, we competed against other schools informally, and games were most often posed against teams, which were divided by class from within the college.

In 1957, Banty Bantam was introduced as the mascot for Rockford Men’s College. Banty Bantam remained the mascot for the men’s athletic teams until 1962, when the Regents title was introduced for both men’s and women’s sports teams.

Prior to Reggie the Lion, we were simply known as the Regents from 1962-1983. Reggie became the mascot for the school in 1983-1984. Student Government members, Ellen Evans and Brian Guffey, hosted a competition in which ideas, submissions, and concepts were presented to a panel of Student Government members and selected administrators. From the submissions, a drawing of Reggie the Lion by Donna Addison, Class of 1984, was selected.

Over the years, Reggie has come and gone. But Reggie is back and better than ever. Reggie is excited about his regal return and wants to share the excitement and his Regent pride with alumni, students, faculty and staff, community members, and friends.

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Reggie L. Regent
Rockford University’s #1 Fan