The ‘competencies of the graduate’ emerge from the philosophy of the nursing department. Their purpose is to describe the competencies we expect our graduates to attain upon completion of the nursing program.

  1. As a caregiver, collaboratively utilizes the nursing process to effectively provide therapeutic nursing interventions in meeting the health care needs of individuals, families, groups and communities.
  2. As a communicator, communicates effectively in a goal directed manner.
  3. As a critical thinker, consistently demonstrates critical thinking to effectively practice professional nursing.
  4. As a diagnostician, formulates accurate conclusions about health related conditions and situations amenable to nursing intervention.
  5. As a leader, uses leadership knowledge and skills in productive relationships with others to create a vision and inspire goal achievement for the profession.
  6. As a manager, engages in activities to plan, organize, direct, and control the human, material and financial resources needed to achieve quality nursing care.
  7. As a teacher, adapts the educational process to empower learners.