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RU Math Professors Inspired New Guilford High School Football Coach to Become Teacher

09/21/2021 10:42 am

During his time at Rockford University, Tony Capriotti ’11/’19 grew his passion for education and football.

Capriotti knew he wanted to stay involved with football after playing for the Regents for three years and for him, majoring in education opened that door.

“I was an average math student that had incredible support,” said Capriotti. “(Professors) Mehmet and Filiz Dik would work with me after class hours and were always available. I’ll never forget how much they cared.”

Having this support from faculty and staff on campus opened his eyes to the idea of being a teacher.

“It made me want to become an educator myself,” said Capriotti. “RU demonstrated how important the relationship aspect was to education. There were several times that I wanted to do well because I liked my professors. I didn’t want to let them down!”

Since graduating from RU, he has been teaching math at Guilford High School and serving as an assistant football coach.

“An average player makes the best coach,” said Capriotti. “I know how to explain the small details to others in a way that makes sense. It’s the same with math for me. I needed detailed explanations when learning and now I’m able to apply that in my teaching style.”

In December 2019, Capriotti returned to RU to obtain his Masters of Education with a Learning Behavior Specialist 1 endorsement, which has helped him better work with students of all skill levels.

In June 2021, Capriotti was named head football coach for Guilford and is one of the youngest NIC-10 football coaches in recent history.

“Teaching and coaching is a total blast,” said Capriotti. “It’s awesome to meet and work with so many different types of people. It’s also extremely humbling to be able to impact students and athletes. Whenever I see a former Guilford Viking and they are excited to see me…that is really one of the most dynamic feelings I’ve ever experienced.”

Capriotti is looking forward to continuing his work with students on and off the field saying, “I want our athletes to feel what it’s like to work hard, plan, improve, and accomplish their goals. Nothing is more rewarding than the feeling of earning something you’ve sacrificed for.”