Rock Solid Student Achievements

RU students are actively engaged and involved in a variety of high achieving scholastic, co-curricular and athletic activities. RU proudly shares their good news on our RU Merit page. Merit is a media platform that helps RU publish online news about student accomplishments through students’ hometown newspapers and via social media. News can also be shared with students’ high schools and elected officials.

Just some of the Rock Solid achievements shared include academic honors, NCAA student-athlete recognitions, athletic conference recognitions, Rock Solid Regents, honor society inductions, performing arts cast lists, and scholarship awards.

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These achievements will appear on personalized Merit page that students are encouraged to claim and share! Pages can be customized by adding pictures and listing academic and extracurricular activities, including any experience gained at work or from being involved in the community. Students can also add any associations, memberships or additional honors earned outside of RU.

Having a collection of college achievements in one place is a benefit to students as they progress through their academic career. It serves as a great repository of valuable information that can be shared with potential employers and businesses, and by graduate school admissions representatives.