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In the name of God by Wint Petit-Homme

11/20/2019 11:54 am

The main characters Hillal, Kada, Jafer, Allal, Tej, Zane, and Sarah. Hillal  family was very wealthy, after the independence expropriation was the cause of their financial difficulties. Kada is a schoolteacher. Kada didn’t like Allal because they were both attracted by Sarah (the mayor’s daughter). Feels that life is unfair, is blaming everybody he suffered from social critics. Jafer is lazy, has no ambition in life also he is unemployed by choice. Allal is a policemen, is very ambitious and motivated. He also got the girl that mostly every men in town want which is Sarah. Tej is a mechanic also an active Islamist. Tej is at the bottom of the social level. Zane received  different kind of treatment because of his masculinity and his height. 

The word choice in the novel was helpful to me as a reader because it gave me a clear understanding of the situation in the book. Also the repetition of Zane being called the dwarf make it clear to why he is being overlooked. I think the criticize of his masculinity was clear to why he was being treated the way he was by his peers. I think that technique was use to help the reader see why Zane react the way he does. Also see why he is on both side when really his for himself if you look at it as bigger picture. The metaphors between the characters comparing themselves to an animal is also a way to understand their behavior in a sense. 

Masculinity played a major role in the novel. In other to determine someone masculinity and the capability to provide was by their work. For example Allal masculinity wasn’tquestioned because of his work (policemen) society believe that being a policemen is a manly job. Tej on the other hand is a mechanic who get works done with his bare hand. You may compare the two and ask yourself who is more manly, it is safe to say at that time being a policemen had an advantage, Allal clearly won the mysterious girl in town, however their opportunity to provide is unquestionable.  Overall this send a message to the reader to  have an idea of what its like living in that time period. Decisions that was made in the novel was somehow inflicted by a previous event. Women are also capable of affecting our (men) decision, in the passage the instigator of ,most of the chaos that happened was supported by Tej mother. I personally didn’t see that coming however it is understandable to where she got this anger from and who knows since when she has been plotting to get her revenge. 

I agree to the message that was sent from this book because it is true till this day that men masculinity is something important. The social class of a person sometimes affect their decision and also how being treated by society. Once a man is capable of providing and also has a stable job no one seem to question their role in society. This also remind me of my home land because of the characters  social class, and racism. I think people at RU could relate to this message because there different race at the school. Should be aware that their treatment on others can have a good impact on them good or bad, so I feel like it is a cycle.