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In observation of Thanksgiving Rockford University campus and offices will be closed Thursday, November 23 & 24, 2017.

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Communications Office
Rockford University
5050 E. State Street
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Rita Elliott, Director of Communications

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01/19/2017 5:07 pm

Rock Solid Student Achievements

RU students are actively engaged and involved in a variety of high achieving scholastic, co-curricular and athletic activities. RU proudly shares their good news on our RU Merit page. Merit is a media platform that helps RU publish online news about student accomplishments through students’ hometown newspapers and via social media. News can also be shared with students’ high schools and elected officials.

Just some of the Rock Solid achievements shared include academic honors, NCAA student-athlete recognitions, athletic conference recognitions, Rock Solid Regents, honor society inductions, performing arts cast lists, and scholarship awards.

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These achievements will appear on personalized Merit page that students are encouraged to claim and share! Pages can be customized by adding pictures and listing academic and extracurricular activities, including any experience gained at work or from being involved in the community. Students can also add any associations, memberships or additional honors earned outside of RU.

Having a collection of college achievements in one place is a benefit to students as they progress through their academic career. It serves as a great repository of valuable information that can be shared with potential employers and businesses, and by graduate school admissions representatives.



11/08/2016 12:27 pm

The Communications Department is part of the Institutional Advancement division and manages internal and external communications for the University to help ensure consistency of messaging, uplifting and supporting the University brand and reputation management. Also housed within the Communications Department is the Scheduling Services office.


Communications Policies and Guidelines:

  • Rockford University Brand Standards Guide – This brand standards guide was developed by the Marketing department as a helpful tool and resource for those in our campus community. The purpose of this guide is to establish and convey guidelines for how Rockford University positions itself and expresses itself as an institution. We ask that you adhere to these guidelines and seek additional assistance from the Marketing department whenever necessary.  
  • RU Media Policy_March 2017 – Information for news media access and the use of photo and video equipment on the Rockford University campus.
  • RU Media Requests Policy April 2017 – All engagements with media representatives on behalf of Rockford University are to be coordinated by the Communications Office in order to promote and protect the public image of the university, build openness and accountability, and respect the media’s legitimate and useful role. This policy provides guidance on official media roles within the University and on working with traditional and digital media outlets.
  • Rockford University Social Media Policy – RU recognizes the importance and impact that social media has on the University in regards to professional and organizational reputations. To assist in how to use social media in a beneficial and appropriate way, this policy outlines necessary steps to enhance, clarify, and protect any reputations involved when participating in social media platforms. 

Strategic Communications and Marketing Plan

Developed in FY15 and formalized in FY16, the Strategic Communications and Marketing Plan guides the priorities and efforts of our university-wide, strategic initiatives. Below is a presentation encapsulating our progress to date and our future priorities.


 In The News

 March 15, 2017

Virtual reality allows Rockford architects to design in a different way

March 30, 2017


Contact Information

Rita Elliott, Director of Communications

Jeniece Smith, Advancement Communications Specialist

Min Taber, Scheduling Services Coordinator

Char Scamihorn, Scheduling Services Assistant