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Black History Month at Rockford University: Freshman, RAMM Scholarship Winner Shares Thoughts

02/28/2023 9:20 am

By Sara Myers

We’ve been speaking to Rockford University students and alumni about Black History Month. Throughout the month of February, the university has highlighted different individuals and their thoughts about the historic month and its importance. 

We’ve spoken with alumni, current football players, theater students and more for their thoughts on Black History Month. Student Mya Barrett is our final Q&A for the month. 

Barrett is a RU freshman who is majoring in Biology with a Secondary Education Minor and endorsements in Spanish, Psychology, and ESL (English is a Second Language). 

Barrett is also a first generation college student, RAMM (Rockford Association for Minority Management) Scholarship Winner, and an Education Pathway Scholarship Winner. Her expected graduation year is 2026. 

She is a Rockford native and in a leadership position in the student group First Gen Forward Club. She is also in the Black Student Union and the Leading Educators Club. Barrett aspires to one day become a high school or middle school biology teacher after graduation. 

Here are Barrett’s thoughts on Black History Month.

How do you honor or celebrate Black History Month? 

I celebrate Black History Month by intaking information about some of the most iconic Black figures throughout my history, whether that be kings and queens, or regular store merchants. 

Name a Black figure – past or present –that you admire. Why?

I admire many Black figures such as Claudette Colvin — the Rosa Parks before Rosa Parks — Fred Hampton, a civil rights activist for the Black Panther party, and Booker T. Washington, a teacher for all. All of these great people and many others had done such great things. It’s very hard to have a favorite. 

Why is Black History Month relevant today?

Black History Month is very relevant today and needs to be recognized as important to the masses. The history of African-American people started way before they were brought to North America in shackles. People need to recognize the importance of Black History Month, not only because it is important to me and others, but because it is important for people to know the history of other groups of people. 

For Black History Month we interviewed four RU students, whose studies range from musical theater to biology, and one RU Class of 2017 alumni, who has taken part in RU’s Men of Color Mentoring Program. 

If you missed the other features, here are the four Q&A’s:

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  • Timothy Bearden, an RU sophomore studying kinesiology and physical education. 
  • Mykal Brown, RU’s Black Student Union President. 
  • Dominique Campbell, an RU alumni (‘17) who currently works as a Commercial Underwriter in Iowa.