Rockford University is a private, independent, coeducational college providing courses of study leading to baccalaureate and master’s degrees. The academic programs of students are based on a foundation of learning in the liberal arts and sciences. The University emphasizes excellence in teaching, and has a strong commitment to scholarly activity, creative expression and community service. The educational program is characterized by a concern for the needs of all students, and reflects the basic human rights and responsibilities of a democratic society.
The University is a charter member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Accreditation is periodically reviewed and is renewed annually. Other memberships include:
  • Association of American Colleges, the Federation of Independent Illinois Colleges and Universities
  • College Entrance Examination Board
  • College Scholarship Service
  • American Council on Education
  • Council of Independent Colleges

The Rockford University nursing program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc (ACEN), the teacher certification program (Education and Child Development) by the Illinois State Board of Education, and the business administration program by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education.

Rockford University is accredited by the following organizations:

North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
230 South LaSalle St., Suite 7-500
Chicago, IL, 60604-1413
Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc.
3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850
Atlanta, Georgia  30326
P.(404) 975 5000 | F. (404) 975-5020
American Chemical Society
1155 Sixteenth St. NW
Washington, DC 20036

Illinois State Board of Education          
Professional Preparation and Recruitment
100 N. First St.
Springfield, IL 62777
International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education
P.O. Box 3960
Olathe, KS 66063