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Traveling to Madrid expands opportunities for Rockford University student

10/03/2019 3:44 pm

Rockford University scholar Omar Saulters, a Senior Finance major, took part in a unique business internship over last year’s winter break with Beacon Fellowship. He spent two weeks working with a unique group of ten international college students and five consultants in Madrid, Spain to conduct a business consulting project for a company called Glovo, a company adjacent to the American Uber Eats.

This chance started for Omar when his Professor Mandolen Mull, Ph.D., nominated him for the opportunity. She recommended him to one of the representatives of Beacon Fellowship as a candidate. When asked why she believed Omar would be a good candidate for this opportunity Dr. Mull declared, “Omar Saulters is the kind of student who brings insight into the classroom that thoughtfully benefits his peers. He contains a vast knowledge base, and remains intellectually curious, thereby setting the foundation of a life-long learner. I have no doubt of his capability and drive to make positive and sustainable impacts on the business realm in which he embarks”. Dr. Mull’s confidence in Omar and his capabilities is what set forth the opportunity for him to partake in this exceptional experience.

For Omar, the selection process consisted of several Skype interviews with company representatives from around the world including Italy, France, and Greece. Once he was selected for the opportunity he then had two weeks to complete an arrangement process that normally takes three to four months, including coming up with the funding to participate. Fortunately, the Rockford University Student Opportunity Fund (SOF) was able to provide Omar the funding to be able to take part in this incredible experience. In an interview with Omar, he stated “Without Rockford University I wouldn’t have been able to go. I don’t think a lot of other Universities would have helped me as much as Rockford did”.

Once in Madrid, Omar’s job as part of Glovo’s expansion team was to pinpoint countries around the world that the company could move into and operate successfully, while also managing his team during development. This process consisted of researching various countries for lawyers, accountants, bankers, etc. that Omar and his team could work alongside to help set up the groundwork that would then kick off the start of the business model for Glovo.

Reflecting back on his trip, Omar stated, “Something that I’ve learned during my time here at Rockford University, is that when compared to other universities, I believe Rockford University truly cares about wanting their students to do better, and the professors will go above and beyond for their students to see them succeed”. Currently, Omar is preparing for graduation at the end of this fall semester by participating in an internship with Northwestern Mutual, applying and interviewing with several companies, and enjoying time with his teammates playing football for Rockford University.