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Student Classroom Update -Fall 2020 Semester

08/18/2020 1:46 pm

Welcome to our new students and welcome back to our returning students. It’s so good to see you all bringing the campus alive.

I wanted to briefly write to you all to give you some updates regarding the classroom schedule as we prepare to start classes tomorrow. The schedule was finished last week and designed to make certain we have social distancing in classrooms. We are still registering students so there may continue to be shifts in room numbers to accommodate increased class sizes. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Please check Self Service before you go to class to see if your building or room number has changed since you last checked your schedule.
  • When you arrive at class, take a moment to check the signs posted outside classrooms to make certain you’re in the correct room.
  • If you arrive at your room and it appears that you’ve arrived for the wrong class, check Self Service again to make sure your room hasn’t changed.

While we are hoping that changes will be minimal, we may have to move your class to be sure we can provide the safest classroom experience possible for all of you. If you have any questions regarding your classes, please be sure to email your professor who can answer specific questions about your classes. And please remember that your advisors can also be a useful source of information. Thank you all for your patience as we make necessary adjustments.

We are wishing you all a safe, healthy, and successful semester.



Anna Jattkowski-Hudson
Associate VP for Advising & Retention