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Spanish Club students open exchange with local high school class

03/30/2015 11:17 am

Members of the Rockford University Spanish Club recently met Ms. Lemonholm’s Spanish for native speakers class at East High School in Rockford to discuss college life and how the high school students could continue their Spanish studies in college. The RU students shared their experiences in the classroom from studying literature and culture in Spanish, as well their study-abroad experiences. Professor John Burns shares the opportunity was well recieved by RU and East students alike, adding that the high school will likely come sit in on a session of his contemporary Chilean literature class being offered this semester.

Photo: from left to right, Rockford University students Andrés Guerrero, Francisco Orenday, Monica Parsons, José Álvarez, Julio Zepeda along with John Burns, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Religion; Global Faculty Fellow; Assistant Professor of Spanish Rockford University, sit in on a East High School Spanish class.