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Sintheyah Siyarath

02/03/2016 11:18 am

SintheyahSiyarathRSR-150x267Sintheyah is a freshman criminal justice major from Rockford, Illinois. She was nominated by Dr. Mehmet Dik, ‌Professor and Chair Department of Mathematics, Computer Science & Physics.

Sintheyah has a strong motivation to succeed in her academic work. Her focus on success is evidenced in her achieving a 4.0 GPA in the fall semester. Dr. Dik shared that Sintheya did a fantastic job in his course. She never missed a class and would always participate in classroom discussions. Both in and outside of class, Sintheyah would help classmates and try to cheer them up when they were not doing well. Dr. Dik states that Sintheyah’s presence made the classroom environment more enjoyable.

During her first semester at Rockford University Sintheyah has been able to successfully balance her academic endeavors with extracurricular activities. She is a participant in the Anthropology and Sociology Club and the Literati Club. Additionally, she is interested in participating in the study abroad program in the next year.

One of the reasons that Sintheyah enjoys studying at Rockford University is because she appreciates the small classroom sizes. She feels that there are multiple opportunities for her to improve herself as she studies for her major. After graduation from RU she would like to continue her education by attending graduate school.

Congratulations, Sintheyah!