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Samantha Riffle

09/14/2015 11:35 am

SamanthaRiflePhoto(cropped)Samantha was nominated by Dr. Robin Miller Young. She is a senior early childhood major from originally from Rockford, Illinois who is going to get her Professional Educator License (PEL) in early childhood and early childhood special education. Additionally, she will earn an endorsement for teaching English as a second language.

Dr. Miller Young describes Samantha as an ambitious and diligent student. During her time at Rockford University Samantha has been able to successfully balance her academic endeavors with her responsibilities as a student worker in the Colman Library. She is also the Marion Carlson Seedhof Scholarship award winner from the spring 2015 semester.

One of the reasons that Samantha loves studying at Rockford University is because she appreciates the small classroom sizes and great teachers. Samantha has enjoyed getting to know her professors and her ability to interact directly with her instructors when she needs additional help with her coursework. After graduation she plans to work as an early childhood education teacher and help mold young minds as they prepare for their next several years of schooling. Congratulations, Samantha!