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Rockford University inks new partnership with Near East University, Turkey

10/26/2018 4:25 pm

Dr. Ismail Mirici, Dean of the Ataturk Faculty of Education from Near East University in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, visited Rockford University in mid-October to meet with President Eric Fulcomer regarding a new partnership between the two universities. An initial memorandum of understanding was signed that allows for the continuing development of a program that will begin with Rockford University offering select classes to students at Near East University and eventually grow to provide a full joint degree program. 

Rockford University has experienced significant growth in its international programming over the course of the last decade, currently hosting more than 100 students from 17 countries. Fostering a robust international presence on campus further supports the University’s mission to prepare students for success in a modern and changing global society. Dr. Fulcomer adds, “We are excited about this new collaboration with Near East University and the opportunities it will bring to Rockford University, our students and the community. How fortunate we are to have a microcosm of the world here on our campus. Our international students enrich our experiences by sharing their unique cultures and languages and providing us a greater appreciation of both our differences and our similarities.”

The program will make it possible for students at Near East University to begin their education in North Cyprus and complete their degree at Rockford University. Rockford has more than 20 similar types of agreements with universities throughout China as well as study abroad opportunities for students in Sweden, Spain, Japan, England, France, Italy and Chile.

Dr. Ismail Mirici and President Eric Fulcomer

Dr. Ismail Mirici and President Eric Fulcomer meet at Rockford University on October 15, 2018 to sign a memorandum of understanding between Rockford University and Near East University.