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Rockford University Athletics unveils new logo collection

10/25/2017 4:17 pm

The Rockford University Regents ushered in a new chapter on Tuesday afternoon with the official unveiling of a new athletic logo suite. It has been over a decade since Rockford refreshed its athletic look and identity, and Tuesday marks an exciting time to be a part of a new era of RU Athletics. 

“Today is a very exciting day because I believe this is a critical step in not only honoring our rich athletic tradition but also reestablishing and defining who we are and who we aspire to be,” Jason Mulligan RU Director of Athletics stated. “What we have done is create a new unifying graphic identity that provides a consistent and modern look that keeps us relevant and memorable.”

RU Athletics worked with nationally known and recognized design firm Rickabaugh Graphics to create the Regents’ new sleek and modern identity. Rickabaugh Graphics has created branded materials for other high-profile institutions such as: The Ohio State University, Texas A&M University, The University of Iowa, the NFL, the NBA and many more. 

“We feel extremely honored to have been asked to create the new graphic image for the Rockford University Regents,” Eric Rickabaugh founder of Rickabaugh Graphics stated. “Rockford University has a strong commitment to excellence and it was important that the university’s athletic image match that same commitment. The redesign process was a careful and conscientious undertaking led by Rockford Athletics, and we believe that the new logos capture the energy, pride and dedication that are propelling Rockford University towards a very promising future.

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