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Rockford University Announces Burpee Mural Project Competition Winner

02/16/2024 10:12 am

RU Student Angelica Ramos Ortiz art that won Burpee Mural Project

Rockford, IL – February 14, 2024 – Rockford University is excited to announce the launch of the Burpee Mural Project. This project invited all Rockford University Studio Art majors and minors to showcase their creativity and talent by submitting a design of a mural for the central location of the Burpee Center. 

The idea for the project came from Rockford University President, Patricia Lynott. The competition offered a grand prize of $1,000, sponsored by Lynott herself. Additionally, Lynott, along with Rockford University Board Chair Rebecca Epperson and Board Trustee Joel Moore, have pledged $100 each to recognize the efforts of the other five students participating in the contest. 

The theme of the mural, “Rockford University Past, Present, & Future,” challenged participants to encapsulate the institution’s rich history, vibrant present, and promising future in their designs. From the origins of Rockford Female Seminary to the aspirations for the years ahead, the mural aims to inspire the entire Rockford University community. 

“The quality and thought process each student brought to their designs were incredible,” said Rebecca Epperson, Chair, of Rockford University Board of Trustees. “It was an honor to participate as a juror in this competition. Based on the designs created, the Studio Arts students at Rockford University have very bright futures ahead.” 

Rockford University Trustee, Joel Moore added “I’m so grateful these talented students took the time to share their impressive work.  We’re excited to present their Art for everyone to appreciate and enjoy.” 

Each student was required to present their design to the jury, consisting of President Lynott, two members of the Board of Trustees, and two faculty members from the Department of Art and Art History. The presentations coincided with the Rockford University Board of Trustees meeting held on February 9th and 10th. The winning entry was created by student Angelica Ramos Ortiz. Ortiz’s submission depicts the theme in a well-captured and exciting way.  

“We’re thrilled to see the creativity and passion our students brought to this project,” said Langworthy, organizer and facilitator of the competition and Dean of the College of Arts & Humanities at Rockford University. “This mural will not only beautify the Burpee Center but also serve as a source of inspiration for generations to come.” 

 In addition to the prize money, the costs of supplies for the mural will also be covered. 

Rockford University looks forward to witnessing the artistic endeavors of its talented students and the lasting impact of the Burpee Mural Project.



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