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Rockford University Announced News to Lock-In Tuition for New Students in Fall 2024 

11/03/2023 11:46 am


Nov. 3, 2023

University officials hosted a press conference on campus 


Rockford University, the region’s leading private four-year educational institution, held a press conference Friday, Nov. 3, to officially announce the news that new students who enroll at Rockford University for the 2024-2025 academic year will lock in their tuition for four years at a rate of $37,230.

The press conference featured two speakers: Rebecca Epperson, Chair of the Board of Trustees at Rockford University; and Megan Frankfother, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management at Rockford University.

The University also broadcasted the press conference live on their Facebook

Epperson spoke about higher education costs being a concern to families across the U.S. 

“Rockford University is taking a proactive approach to make the college experience more affordable and more transparent,” Epperson said, during the press conference. “The decision to lock in tuition for Fall 2024 for incoming students means that students and their families and the parents who stand alongside them can plan their educational experience with much greater confidence than they had in the past.”

Frankfother spoke next and added more details and context to how the University can grant students financial aid, and more.

RU AVP of Enrollment Management Megan Frankfother at press conference

“Rockford University has put in countless hours, crunching numbers and budgeting so that we can ensure that we are able to offer that locked-in tuition rate of 37,230 for our incoming fall 2024 class,” Frankfother said, during the press conference. “In addition to locking in that rate and creating that sense of financial security, the university offers significant institutional aid. Students can be recipients of federal and state grants to also assist in helping that education be more affordable.”

Frankfother added: “We are on track currently to be able to award $14 million dollars in institutional aid for the current year. We are also on track to award $6.5 million in federal grants as well as $4.8 million in state grants.”

For more information on this new locked-in tuition, please feel free to reach out to RU’s Admission Department by calling 815-226-4050 or by emailing

More information on how to apply to RU can be found here:


Sara Myers

RU Marketing/Communications 

Rebecca Epperson speaking at press conference Nov. 3, 2023