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MBA student Allison Oates is giving the local community something to smile about

09/10/2019 3:54 pm

Giving Winnebago County jail inmates something to smile about. That’s what Allison Oates does when she’s not in class earning her MBA or working at her family’s dental office.

She recently returned to Rockford after receiving her bachelor’s degree in healthcare at Eastern Illinois University. When she returned home she admitted she had no idea what to do now that she had completed her goal of receiving her undergraduate degree, so she decided to continue on the path to stand out in her profession. That is when she decided to earn her MBA in Health Care Administration at Rockford University, while also volunteering at the Winnebago County Jail as a dental assistant, and working with her dad at Oates Dental.

At first she was looking to focus on building relationships with professionals in her field. However, as she continued to expand her knowledge in her profession, both in and out of the classroom, she realized she had gained much more than just professional relationships.“Continuing on to earn my master’s degree has helped motivate me in all aspects of my life, but mostly has made me feel more connected to my patients and the outside world.”

Allison goes above and beyond to let all her patients know their smile matters. She is looking forward to continuing on the path to success by always being a step ahead in her profession. She hopes to some day travel outside of the Rockford area to gain additional experience, and potentially study for a Ph.D.