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Rock Solid Regent – Lauren Johnson

03/27/2017 12:59 pm

Congratulations to our ROCK SOLID REGENT for the week, Lauren Johnson from Belvidere, IL. She is a senior biochemistry major and was nominated by Dr. Kyle Stedman and Dr. Gidget Tay. Dr. Stedman shared that Lauren is a master of perception. In class and in the Writing Center, she reads a piece of writing and instantly gets what’s going on, with an ability to suggest complex areas for growth in just the way the writer needs to hear it. Additionally, her own writing is powerful and starkly gorgeous.
According to Dr. Tay, Lauren has an amazing thirst for knowledge. She doesn’t just want to know the facts but also why they occur the way they do. The questions she asks in class are insightful and thought provoking. Lauren works in the organic synthesis research lab where she continues to learn new lab techniques and grow as a chemist and scientist.
In addition to serving in the research lab and as a Writing Center Consultant, Lauren also plays the ukulele and enjoys rowing as well as poetry. For Lauren RU has been a great place to study. She enjoys the beautiful landscape our campus offers with lots of old trees that remind her that someday she will be old and wise. Additionally, Lauren proudly shares, “the Starr Science building is my home”. Everyone struggling with material can gather and the professors are available to guide the students through the struggle that is real: the dissolution of ignorance and birth of knowledge. After graduation she plans to move on to graduate school. Congratulations Lauren on being a ROCK SOLID REGENT!