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Presidential Search Extended

04/05/2023 12:11 pm

In an effort to ensure exceptional long-term leadership for our esteemed and beloved institution, the Board has made the decision to extend our search for a new university president. As the process to date has not produced what the committee feels would be the best-fit candidate, we will be undertaking additional efforts to locate our permanent president. We will not compromise; there is too much at stake.

Fortunately, Dr. Patricia Lynott, our qualified, talented, and dedicated interim president, will remain at the helm through June 30, 2024. This affords us time in which to complete the rigorous search necessary, and gives Dr. Lynott time to lay a foundation that positions the University to meet its new challenges and position us for additional and exciting opportunities. Evolving demographics have complicated the financial and operational landscape for all upper educational institutions. With effective strategy, flexibility, and hard work, however, Rockford University will implement the essential changes to move boldly into the future. But make no mistake, we will steadfastly preserve what sets us apart. 

Though this process may be a longer journey than we anticipated, we can all look forward to emerging even stronger. The gravity of this decision demands relentless effort. And that’s just what we’ll give it.

Please check back for updates as we advance this vital process. We intend to include all Rockford University stakeholders as we navigate our way through the important work of building on our 175-year legacy of excellence.