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Les chemins de Loco-Miroir

10/14/2019 6:15 pm

  1. Image
    In this book, the story takes place in an island called Haiti, in the city of Jéremie, this island is in the middle of the Caribbean Sea next to Cuba, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

    In this island, people speaks two languages, French and creole but most of them speak creole. There is a lot of racism unfortunately, white people have more right than black people.

  2. Background
    This book talks about the adventure between 2 twin’s sisters, Violaine, a beautiful white girl and cocotte, a black girl, these sisters are twins but they are also really different.

    In the book, Violaine acts like the girl who like to break the rules, and cocotte is the innocent girl, she observes and analyze people’s behavior, specially Violaine’s attitude, she is helpful and generous too. But the story is mostly around the lovely relationship between Violaine and a black Guy, Alexandre and about the jealous feeling of Phillipe Edouard, a rich white guy.

    We can understand that the relationship between Violaine and Alexandre will be full of problems because of Alexandre’s skin color.

    Indeed, Violaine is white and Alexandre is black, her parents doesn’t accept their relationship, basically she has been promised to Phillipe Edouard, a rich white guy.

  3. Critical analysis and assessment of assigned texts
    The technique used in this book is very special and interesting, the narrator changed each chapter, for example, for one chapter, cocotte tell us the story, like what is going on, and the next chapter is explain by another character. This technique is used because by this way, we can figure out the feelings of each character, how the character think about the situation, because when we read a chapter, we are inside the mind of the character who explain us the story.
  4. AAC & U Global Learning:
    In Haiti at this time, there is a lot of racism, White people are like the high social class, they have a better education than black people, they have more money and more right than them.

    Violaine and Cocotee grew up with a white family, their family is famous in Jéremie, they are rich and they belong to the high social class, so we could say that they had a good education, a nice childhood.

    The message of this book says that there is no limit with love, we are all humans and we all deserve to be loved by someone else, the book says also that love can be sometimes out of control and we have to be careful. For example, in the book, during the ball, Violaine was angry after everybody because her love Alexandre has been taken because of his color’s skin, she even spited on her mom’s face. 

  5. Reactions and though
    Personally, I totally agree with the message of this book, there is no limit with love, it is the most beautiful thing in the world, we all deserve to be loved and nothing could stop that.

    This book reminds me the story of Romeo and Juliette, they are both in love with each other’s but they can be together forever because their family are both against that. At the end, they both died so they can be together forever. This end is similar with the end of “Les Chemins de loco-miroir” because at the end of the book, Violaine’s soul die, she has been empoisoned because her family didn’t accept her relationship with Alexandre. So, after her sould died, she acted like a zombie, she was under control and her parents gave her to Phillipe-Edouard.