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Les Agneaux du seigneur by Louis Texier

11/27/2019 12:09 pm


Group of Algerians protesting

The story is taking place in Algeria, in a small village called Ghachimat, during the battle of Alger. At this time of the story, it was war between French who wanted to own the country and Algerian people who wanted their independence.



Between 1954 and 1962, Algeria was a conflict zone between French and Algerian People. In the book, they talk about a political movement call freedom nationalists, “Front de liberation National” in French. It represents the Algerian people who fought French for their independence. The 2 commons language in Algeria was Arabic and French. Finally, in 1962, France decided to give up and Algeria became independent. The story take place after the war.

3)Critical analysis and assessment of assigned texts

In the name of god, the narrator is not one of the characters but he is off the story, that means he knows everything. At the beginning, he gave us some information’s about the main characters.

The author used this technique because there are a lot of characters in the book and that would be hard for us to understand the ideas if we don’t know exactly what is going on every character.

So, the narrator knows everything about characters, feelings, background and personality, so when we read the story, we know how each character feel.

4)AAC & U Global Learning

In the Name of god, all characters are male, so there is a domination of males over females, the only female character that we know is Sarah, the mayor’s daughter. The story is based between a group of friends who are all males. In the group of friend, they are all in love with Sarah because she is so perfect but only one guy in the group could married her, this guy is Allal, a policeman.

In the story, guys are pretentious because each one think that he is better than the other one, they all have jobs excepted one, Jafer who spend his time in the bar or somewhere else but he does not do anything in his life. Sarah represent the perfection because she is pretty, everybody wants her, she is the daughter’s mayor and her husband is straight.

There are not a lot of opportunities at this time because Algeria was in war so poverty dominated the country. For example, Jafer has no job because he can’t find one, and another character, Zane is a thief and a dwarf by the same time, he steals expensive objects to sell them. Zane can also represent the monster in the story because he is a dwarf, he observes everybody since his tree and he wants to revenge from everybody who judge him in his life.

The message is clear, mens are the cause of war, they just want to prove that they are stronger and the others. Mens are jealous, like everybody is jealous of Allal because his wife is Sarah, the most beautiful girl in the village.

5)Your reactions and thoughts 

I agree with this message because in our society of today, men’s are still jealous, they still pretentious and they always want to fight. That is unfortunate because this is growing up. This story reminds me the world war 2, because in the world war 2, Nazis are the monsters, they wanted to control the world so they kill everybody.