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Ken Price ’71

06/29/2020 12:00 pm

Ken Price ’71 shared this photo (bottom, right) taken in August 2019, when he and fellow Rockford University alumni Roseanne (Rotnem) Price, Michelle Klee, Laura (Parker) Jendrzejewski, John Jendrzejewski, Karen (Palmer) McNulty, and Marilyn (Yoder) Creel, all from the class of 1974, met in downtown Chicago for a classmate reunion.

Six alums gathered in front of a house

Six alums gathered in Powell, Ohio to celebrate the 70th birthday of Ken Price ’71. Top row (left to right): are Russell Anderson ’74, Brent Kirchhoff ’72, and Ernie Troutman ’71. Bottom row (left to right): Roseanne (Rotnem) Price ’74, Ken Price ’71, and Michelle Klee ’74.

Seven Rockford College alumni dine together.

Seven Rockford College alumni dine in downtown Chicago at a classmate get-together in August 2019. (Seated left to right): Roseanne (Rotnem) Price ’74, Michelle Klee ’74, Laura (Parker) Jendrzejewski ’74, John Jendrzejewski ’74, Karen (Palmer) McNulty ’74, Marilyn (Yoder) Creel ’74, Ken Price ’71