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Joshua Cooper

10/12/2015 11:29 am

JoshuaCooperPicture‌Josh is senior physical education major, from Yorkville, Illinois. He was nominted by Professor Tammy Schiek. When not in the classroom working diligently toward teacher licensure, he serves as a member of the Rockford University baseball team.‌

Professor Schiek shared that Josh is a student who consistently participates in class discussions and offers high quality insight and reflection. Professor Schiek is particularly appreciative with his ability to readily accept feedback. She states that he is coachable in the classroom and on the baseball field. His desire to improve and excel is evident and admirable.

Josh is grateful for the small campus size at RU. He likes that he can walk around campus and see so many people that he knows by name. After graduation Josh plans to pursue a career teaching physical education and coaching baseball. Congratulations, Josh!